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Dear SFP Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of the Parents' Guild Executive Board, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We have had so much fun in the past 3 months. We welcomed freshman parents to a Sunday Brunch in September and to their first Parents' Guild Meeting in October with a Pasta Night. Many of you participated in the Open House, and we thank you for helping to make it a success. Recently we also hosted our first Murder Mystery Diner and went to Foxwoods for a day of shopping and games.

We often volunteer to lend a helping hand at the school. To date we have chaperoned the Senior Dance, the Phantom of the Opera play and the Christmas Concert. We have many more events ahead of us. It is a great opportunity for us to talk to other parents and faculty and to see our kids doing great work that enriches their everyday academics. Campus Ministry came in to explain their work at the Prep at our November meeting, and our next speakers will be from the Science Research, Music and the Guidance Department. We encourage you to join us in whichever capacity is comfortable and convenient for you.

We also did meaningful service with the Breakfast Run and are looking forward to the annual Christmas Party for Our Friends with Special Needs. Other upcoming events will be Comedy Night, A Tribute to the Eagles, and our Annual Fashion Show.

All of us on the Executive Board manage professional careers in addition to serving the Parents' Guild. We encourage all dads, moms, and guardians to stop by one of the Guild’s monthly meetings, which usually take place at 7:30pm sharp on the second Tuesday of the month. Feel free to contact us at 718-423-8810, ext. 312. We are also on the web at

Warm Regards,
Judith Peter

President, St. Francis Prep Parents' Guild

The St. Francis Prep Parents’ Guild provides a venue for social and service events in the Franciscan tradition.

The Parents’ Guild is comprised of a warm and welcoming community of men and women committed to their own spiritual growth and that of their children. The guild traditionally organizes fundraising events such as Atlantic City and Woodbury Commons bus trips, Modell’s shopping coupons twice a year, Night at the Races, Oldies Night, Christmas Party for our Friends with Special Needs and, the highlight of the year, the Annual Fashion Show and Dinner in the spring.

Other events will be added as the year progresses. The Parents’ Guild has also expanded co-sponsored events with Campus Ministry. The third annual parent - student “Breakfast Run” to feed the homeless will take place on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. In addition, the annual Evening of Lenten Reflection and Spring Family Retreat have also been planned as joint efforts. The Parents’ Guild fundraising events are open to all.

In addition, prospective dad, moms and guardians are encouraged to stop by one of the Guild’s monthly meetings, which usually take place at 7:30pm sharp on the second Tuesday of the month. Check the school calendar for exact dates. Parents’ Guild board members may be reached at or at 718-423-8810.

Letter from the Parent Guild Co-Presidents HERE

Officers of the Parents' Guild 2017-2017
  • Judith Peter
Vice President:
  • Mike Prior
  • Eric Dietmann 
  • Cynthia Nierer