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  • Moderator: Mr. Sempowich

Please take 2 minutes to watch the video below and learn a little bit about St. Francis Secondary School in Lare, Kenya. 

Today, your goal is to reach out to the Class of 2022 at St. Francis Lare. We ask that you get involved in this effort in one of two ways. 

1. Help to make Peace Cranes. Paper Peace cranes are a sign of support and love. We will send them to the St. Francis, Lare Class of 2022.

2 Make a contribution to a video for the St. Francis, Lare Class of 2022.

If you are making Peace Cranesuse the paper provided and whatever online instructional resource that you would like to create a paper crane. These cranes will be sent to Lare as a means of introduction for the classes of 2022 at SFP and at St. Francis Secondary. Our goal is to have at least one crane for each member of the freshman class. Each crane should have the name of a different student on it. If you have trouble making your crane, use this as an opportunity to meet some of the other people in your Cor and ask for assistance. Someone will be able to help you. You can also look to your peer counselors for help. THANK YOU!

If you are working on a contribution to the video: Choose one person in your Cor or a peer counselor to be in charge of all the filming. Film messages of greeting to the class of 2022. These message could be individual, pairs or small groups, or the whole class. Say hello, introduce yourselves, ask questions about life in Kenya, record the whole class waving or saying a message of greeting from SFP, or get some shots of folks folding paper cranes. Get Creative. The clips will be edited into one large video and sent to Lare. Please upload any video clips that you create to:

Lare Introduction: 

CLASS OF 2022 from Shawn Sempowich on Vimeo.

There is a very good step-by-step Instruction page here:

if you prefer to see it done live you can watch a youtube video outlining the steps. A sample is linked below.

Crane Instructional Video Sample: 

There are many other resources available for this simple project. Use your iPad to find one and learn something new!