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Voluntarios en Chaclacayo

Hogar San Francisco De Asis

Here our students will share reflections on their experience in Peru in realtime. We encourage you check back throughout the week to read about our time with our Peruvian brothers and sisters and see some photos of our journey.


Before entering the Hogar, I was a little nervous to be surrounded by young children with disabilities. Sure enough, the first kid I saw when we arrived had burns on his face. As we were shown the baby room, I was saddened to see that there were so many babies with full casts on their legs and to hear that some of them had different mental problems. Yet, as I spent more time with them, I got more used to being around them. Really, they were just normal kids: they laughed, they liked to play with each other, they liked to joke around. Seeing a child missing a limb didn't make me feel as uneasy anymore. In a way, I felt I matured a bit. I can't wait to spend more time with them.

- Valentina Marzulli


Analyzing this week, I expected to meet and understand not only Peruvian culture, but the people living day in and day out in this incredible environment. I'd like to better understand South America through Peru. While I can, I'd also like to bestow all of my effort and time as a volunteer toward the betterment of these children's lives. Even if I'm only here for about 10 days, I want to match a smile to a face. By the end of week, I know that the gratification of helping change the life of an individual in another part of the world will be the true peak of my summer.

- Cesar Santana


When signing up to be a part of this experience I knew that this wasn’t going to be a vacation. I came because of the girls at Dancing Dreams. Dancing Dreams is an organization in New York where children with disabilities that aspire to dance take a class and get the opportunity to be a part of something. The girls at Dancing Dreams taught me that you cannot take the opportunities you have in life for granted. Because of that I wanted to experience a day in the life of a person with challenges.

- Adriana Pardo

Upon coming to Peru I knew that I would be helping children and providing a hand to others in need, but I wanted to come to be able to experience the different lives of these people in a different country because I feel like I take many things for granted. My education, my lifestyle, and especially money are examples of the many things I take for granted. We get a lot of things handed to us and many people put themselves before others who are more in need. Today, I was taking care of a little boy name Jason who can get very frustrated very easily. I thought about what he must be like when there aren't volunteers around and how he probably doesn't get the attention he needs. It warmed my heart when I finally got him to be calm and fall asleep in my arms. It made me think about all of the things that these children don’t have.

-Priscilla Estevez


         When it comes to our Peru trip as a whole, at first I didn’t feel that it was a “calling” and I just mainly saw it as an opportunity to leave my country and see somewhere new. After a few days into the trip, I realize that this was a clear calling. I feel like I was called to this trip so that I can get a reality check and realize my life isn’t so bad. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a very negative person and I often take things for granted, but after seeing how the kids make the best out of everything they have, I realize that I should never be ungrateful again. 

-       -Thomas Soupionis

         Peru has been an amazing and life changing experience.  Today I want to remember that today was the first time I really got to spend time with the girls upstairs.  They can’t get out of bed.  We didn’t talk much, but this was the first time they didn’t kick me out of their room.  I painted their names on paper and painted flowers for them.  They smiled when I showed them the paintings and I really felt like I made them happy. 

- Victoria DeVine