Prep is Social

At Prep students are members of our school, our city, our nation, and our world. We value the unique contribution each person makes to all the Prep communities. #Golden Links

Prep is Social

Prep students in a Color Run to support a charitable cause!

Prep is Social

The SFP Music Program of Distinction and the Visual Arts Program of Distinction honor the arts as an expressive, creative art form. These accredited programs are unique for a Catholic high school. #Golden Links

Prep is the Future

SFP graduates excel in all fields and careers. The network of Prep graduates will be there wherever you go. High School is four years, Prep is forever

Prep is Physical

Our focus is the whole person. We inspire students to develop their God given gifts and to respect the abilities of all. #Golden Links

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Principal's Newsletter

Principal's Newsletter

January 2020

"Holy wisdom confounds Satan and all his wickednesses."
St. Francis of Assisi

From the Desk of Mr. Castellano:


Since our return from Christmas vacation, students have been involved in getting advisement for courses for next year. Pre-registration is Sunday, 2 February; it starts at 10:00 a.m. for current 11th-graders and 12:00 noon for current 9th- and 10th-graders. Course registration will take place from 4-6 February. Students will pre-register and register for their classes using their Power School accounts. Once students have selected their classes, we will send an e-mail with the list of classes they selected to all students, parents, and guardians. This e-mail will be for verification purposes only; we will not consider any changes until May.

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