Final Exam Policy

Foreign Language Department:  Final Examination Policy

            Effective this academic year, the Foreign Language department is eliminating final examinations on the freshman, and sophomore levels, and all senior courses, which are not college-affiliated.

          Foreign Language teachers have reached this decision after careful consideration and deliberation.  A foreign language is different from other academic disciplines because learning in the language arts is based more on the cumulative development of reading, writing, and communication skills, rather than the mastery of a specific body of knowledge.  [Please see and read our departmental philosophy posted on our home page.]  As you know, Foreign Language teachers consistently assess the students’ progress in vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, communication, and writing throughout the entire academic year.  Therefore, the Foreign Language department judges that reliance on a final examination, as a major portion of the course grade, does not benefit the students.  Successful completion of Foreign Language courses will be based on the students’ achievement throughout all four quarters.

          At the beginning of the first quarter, every Foreign Language teacher informed the students of this policy, and the students understand the importance of working consistently throughout the academic year.  This new policy makes the continued monitoring of your student’s progress even more significant.

          For your information, junior level courses will continue to write the New York State Regents Examination in Foreign Language.  The exam will count towards a student’s final grade.