Requirements for Foreign Language Honor Society

                Foreign Language Honor Society Requirements   

(Effective February 5th 2019) 

Requirements for the Foreign Language Honor Society

 Application, essay, proof of cultural event, service hours and fees due May 3rd, 2019. Please put everything in a manila envelope with your  NAME and COR. 

Membership in the Foreign Language Honor Society is open to those students who have displayed excellence in the study of languages other than English.

Academic Requirements for the Foreign Language Honor Society 

  • Cumulative 4.0 (A+)(97%) GPA in Foreign Language courses (NO ROUNDING UP)
  • Cumulative 3.3 (B+)(88%) GPA overall (NO ROUNDING UP)
  • currently enrolled in a level 3 or 4, or Spanish II Advanced course

    The Foreign Language Honor Society member must display the following in the Foreign Language classroom:

  • Language

  • A sincere interest and enthusiasm for language learning by paying attention, taking notes, actively listening, asking and responding to questions, and participating in class discussions. 

  • Culture

  • A sincere appreciation for other cultures.
  • An open-mind and acceptance of cultural differences.
  • A concern for what is happening in the world.


  • Personal Qualities

  • Leadership qualities by initiating discussions, developing their own ideas and perspectives, expressing positive thoughts and exhibits empathy towards others, accepting responsibility by taking notes, being organized, completing assignments and reviewing notes daily.

  • A positive role model by communicating and collaborating with everyone, show respect and concern for others, be knowledgeable and well rounded, have humility and willingness to admit mistakes.



All students must complete 10 hours of service with a minimum of 2 hours of service that is language/culture related.

            Cultural Event and Personal Essay 

All students must attend a Cultural event. Students may visit a cultural area, place, neighborhood, or institution related to the student’s language of study.    

Once a cultural event has been visited, students will then need to write about their experience with the culture in that place, including background information (history, the linguistic impact on the area, etc.). Students must include examples, such as pictures they take in the area. If you need more information, please ask your teacher.

All students must type the essay in the target language.
The use of translators will result in your disqualification from the FLHS. 

 There will be a membership fee for Foreign Language Inductees.  The membership fee includes the certificate, cord, and fees associated with the event.

Cost of Membership Fee $20 and must be provided with application. 

Once the application and fee has been provided, names will be posted on the website.