8th Grade Auditions

The Music department strives to ensure the education of the whole student through our vocation of Music. This is accomplished through community-centered learning environments and varied and enjoyable performance opportunities. These range from participating in countless school functions to international tours and high-level performances for dignitaries such as Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Prep’s Music department offers eleven performing ensembles for academic credit. Courses are also available in Music Theory, History, Electronic Orchestration (Finale), and Technology (Logic). Prep also offers a free Music Lesson program for academic credit and outreach opportunities in the broader community.

The Music department welcomes you to St. Francis Preparatory School! We invite you to audition for our ensembles. You can audition while you are in the 8th grade. Those students who do well on the audition will receive a recommendation from the Music department for admission to the school. Although this recommendation does not guarantee you a seat in the next entering class, it will certainly enhance your chances of being accepted into St. Francis Prep. A successful audition will also give you an early opportunity to obtain a position in one or more of our 11 performing ensembles.

SFP Performing Ensembles: Concert Band, Junior Band, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Honors Percussion Ensemble, String Orchestra, Honors Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Chorus (female voices only), Prep Chorus (male and female voices), and Chamber Choir (male and female voices).

Who can audition: All students who play a brass, woodwind, percussion, or orchestral string instrument, or who sing in a chorus. These students should have an interest in participating in our ensembles. Instrumental students must have some ability to read music.

How to set up an audition: You can set up an audition by completing this form and mailing it back to: Dr. Robert Corbino, Music Department Chairperson, St. Francis Preparatory School, 6100 Francis Lewis Blvd Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
or you can also email the appropriate teachers listed below or you can call the Music Department at: 718 423-8810, x255

  • For questions about BAND (woodwinds, brass), please contact:
    Dr. Robert Corbino, [email protected]
  • For questions regarding CHORUS, please contact:
    Dr. David Kobayashi, [email protected]
  • For questions regarding ORCHESTRA (strings), please contact:
    Mr. Robert Johnston, [email protected]
  • For questions regarding PERCUSSION, please contact:
    Mr. Marc Silvagni, [email protected]

What do I play at the audition: For instrumentalists, we ask you to perform 4 Major Scales and a piece of music that you have been working on. For vocal students, we ask you to prepare a musical selection that you have sung.

If interested please complete this form HERE