FAQs For Pre-Registration 2014

Preregistration/Registration FAQs

Updated January 25, 2014

  1. I want to take a computer course or a business course. What do I do?

    ANS: You must preregister for the course you want first. You do this beginning on Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 5 PM. Only those preregistered for a seat will be allowed to register when that time comes.

  2. What if I preregister for a course and decide not to take it?

    ANS: You must see Mr. Sciame in W-201-C and let him know. He will adjust the lists accordingly, which will allow a student on the waiting list to be admitted to the class.

  3. My friend preregistered for a class. The class is closed, and I missed out. Can my friend let me take that spot?

    ANS: Unless you are next in line on the waiting list, this cannot be done. It is not fair to those on the list.

  4. I tried to preregister, but could not. Now the class is closed. Can I get in?

    ANS: I am afraid the answer is no. The Prep has no control of extenuating circumstances in this process.

  5. Are there classes that are easier than others?

    ANS: All classes are introductory classes. There are no pre-requisites. All classes are set up as beginner classes.

  6. What if I register for a class that I did not pre-register for?

    ANS: If you do this, you will be asked to see Mr. Sciame, who will ask you to select an alternative class.

  7. I had a problem preregistering for Health or a Social Studies class. Can you help me?

    ANS: Mr. Sciame cannot, but Mr. Fischetti (Health) or Mrs. Hausserman (Social Studies) can help. Please go to the chairperson of the appropriate department for help.

  8. How will I know that my preregistration was successful?

    ANS: Starting on Monday, January 27, there will be links on the Preregistration Page to class lists for each class. Go there and look for your name.

  9. Do I need any signatures from Mr. Sciame?

    ANS: No. However, if you wish to take Computer Electronics and/or JAVA Programming, you must see Mr. Sciame to “sign into the course.” Mr. Sciame will contact those students directly with more details.

  10. Are there any requirements for any of the classes?

    ANS: The only requirement involves the H Period classes: Students who are on the Chronic Late List will not be considered for these classes.

Please see Mr. Sciame in W-201-C if you have other questions.