English Enrichment

English Enrichment Curriculum

The English Enrichment course is designed for English language learners for whom English is a second language and whose writing skills need improvement. Students concentrate on the grammar and essay construction issues vital for English language learners. The course focuses on giving the students the skills necessary to write clear and effective essays in St. Francis Prep’s college preparatory curriculum. Thus, students learn how to improve their essay writing in all their academic subjects.

Students are placed in this class after a careful evaluation of their writing skills. This evaluation may take place during the admissions process or on the recommendation of a student’s St. Francis Prep English teacher in consultation with the chairperson of the English department. This course must be taken in addition to the regular full unit of English and is a two semester course for which the student receives one unit.

Each English Enrichment class enrolls no more than twenty students in order to maintain flexibility for the instructor to develop an individual plan of instruction based on each student’s writing needs.

The course provides individual, small group, and classroom instruction--all of which is tailored to pace every student’s own progress in improving their essay writing.

The philosophy which drives the course is that success/improvement in writing come by studying all areas of the language arts.  Therefore, the course stresses how reading literacy and comprehension is a key to writing improvement.  An understanding of the grammar of English usage is essential with key comparisons made to the formation and usage of language in the student’s native language.

The course aims to improve student literacy in writing not only in their English and language arts courses, but also in other academic disciplines where fluency in writing should be a priority in academic success such as the arts and humanities, social sciences, hard sciences, religion and philosophy and theology. The "writing across the curriculum" which is driving force behind the St Francis Prep Writing Center is equally important in the English Enrichment curriculum.

At the start of each semester, the instructor conducts an in-depth evaluation of the student’s writing needs; this analysis includes composition, grammar and usage, reading and writing comprehension. After this, the instructor will construct an individual plan of improvement for each student, along, with the input of each student’s English course instructor and the chairperson of the English department. There will also be outreach/consultation/ communication with teachers in other academic disciplines 

Daily routine includes varies depending upon the teacher’s determination of individual, small-group, and large group needs.  Course contains very busy hands-on classroom experiences with daily feedback on student writing and language use, grammar lessons, essay review.