Common Core Complements to the Curriculum

St. Francis Prep English Department

Common Core Complements to the Curriculum


Freshman Year

***FDR’s 1st Inaugural Address:  "Nothing to Fear But Fear itself"

James Thurber "How to Name a Dog"

***Wiesel, Elie. "Hope, Despair and Memory."

"Security" E.B. White

***The Odyssey, all selections in textbook  + "The Lotus Eaters," "Learning to Walk Alone," and "Medusa."

Sophomore Year


"Vindication of the Rights of Women"  Mary Wollenstonecraft

Orwell, George. "Politics and the English Language."

***Auden, Wystan Hugh. "Musée des Beaux Arts." coupled with readings in "Icarus and

      Daedalus," Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, and Bruehgel’s "The Fall of Icarus."

*** "Of Studies" Francis Bacon

Dryden  "Preface" to Fables Ancient and Modern

Victorian Prose: Carlyle’s excerpt from, The French Revolution, or Ruskin’s excerpt from Modern Painters with the Turner’s "The Slave Ship."

***Virginia Woolf  excerpt  from A Room of One’s Own

Junior Year

***John Smith. from General History and/or William Bradford from Plymouth Plantation

Journal of Madam Knight,  Sarah Kemble Knight

William Byrd, History of the Dividing Line

The Interesting Narrative of the Life Olaudah Equiano

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Readings from American Revolution: Henry , Paine, Jefferson, deCrevecouer

Henry, Patrick. "Speech to the Second Virginia Convention."
Washington, George. "Farewell Address."
***Lincoln, Abraham. "Gettysburg Address."

Frederick Douglass/Harriet Jacobs

***Thoreau, Walden excerpts; E.B. White’s Walden

***Emerson, "The American Scholar," "Self-Reliance," "Nature"

*** "Tragedy and the Common Man"  Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller’s HUAC testimony/ Salem Witch Trials Transcripts

F. Scott Fitzgerald's letter to Hemingway  advising revisions of The Sun Also Rises

Death in the Afternoon, Ernest Hemingway

Langston Hughes's testimony before HUAC

Sojourner Truth

Hofstadter, Richard. "Abraham Lincoln and the Self-Made Myth."

Senior Year

Research: Students will be instructed in the techniques of researching literary criticism tailored to the specific curriculum of each full-year and semester course. Students will learn how critical analysis complements their own reading and understanding of the text. Students also will learn how to use literary criticism in their own writing.