Chairperson: Sal Fischetti  [email protected]

Registration for the spring 2021 semester for driver's ed will begin the week of January 4th, please check the website for the application.
The application will be a google doc,  there will be a link to pay in full with a credit card and if you have your permit please attach a photo in the application.

Driver education instruction at St. Francis Prep is designed not to interfere with the school day.  In the fall and spring instruction includes both lecture and in-car experience. Instruction is conducted BEFORE SCHOOL (6:45am) and AFTER SCHOOL Monday through Friday, with some driving classes meeting on SATURDAY MORNING.  

A weekly remote lecture class and a weekly in-car lesson complete the NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION requirements which are: 24 hours of lecture and 24 hours of in-car instruction of which 6 hours are direct driving and 18 hours are observation.

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