Vol. 74 Issue: 1

Asperger's Syndrome

By: Frank '12

Have you heard of Asperger’s Syndrome? Do you know what it is? A town? A restaurant? A clothing brand? Actually more...

Frank's Facts

By: Frank DiRico '12

Colors can tell a lot about someone’s personality, especially when you wear certain colors.

RED more...

Not Just A Club, It's a Team

By: Angela Sammarco '09

The Duns Scotus Forensics Team at Prep is just as it's name implies: it's a team, not a club. Like a club, its member more...

SFP Hair Drive

By: Wendy Rissmeyer '09

Getting sick of that same old hairdo and feeling like a new look? Well, here’s your chance. Senior Nicole Catal more...

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