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Welcome from the 2005-2006 Editor-in-Chief

To the 2005-2006 Seraph staff,

By now, you should all know me. I’m Caitlin Donovan and I’m the Editor-In-Chief for the 2005-2006 Seraph staff. Welcome back to another year of quizzes, teachers, loud lunches with friends, and writing for the school paper! Last year’s paper was amazing, nothing less than what has come to be expected from The Seraph, but there is always room for improvement. This year, the goal is to make The Seraph closer to perfect than it has ever been, and to have fun doing it.

This year, a few new things will be implemented, and will hopefully make The Seraph much better. Over the summer, some of the editors and I attended a program at Syracuse University called School Press Institute. There, we learned a lot of things that will help make The Seraph run more smoothly. It seemed that in talking to all of these students from all over, The Seraph staff is just as talented as any other paper, if not more so, the only thing we lack is discipline. Some things that will hopefully be put into practice are a heavier network of communication, story plans, and more meetings. Having the section editors help with layout was one of the best ideas to come out of last year’s paper, and I would like to see that continue, hopefully with even more involvement. Also, I would like to see editors keeping better track or their writers and helping them to become more responsible for their own work.

Another goal of mine this year is to have The Seraph become more involved. It seems that in the past, the paper has two meetings the entire year, or at least two meetings that everyone comes to. This year, I would like to have writers be more involved with their editors and me, and to be more involved with the whole process of creating a paper. I would like for everyone to feel comfortable at the paper and to have fun, seeing as how it is a club. More than anything, I don’t want the paper to become an obligation for anyone. By doing some of these things, and other great ideas that pop up along the way, I’m sure that we can make the 2005-2006 Seraph the best ever!


Caitlin Donovan ’06