The Seraph
  • Moderator: Mr. Hessel
Sports 2 - Elements of Interest in Sports Stories
1. Significance
    Is a championship at stake?
    Effect of the result on the all-time records of the contestants
    Effect of the result on the season’s records of the contestants
    Are the contestants old rivals?
    Will the outcome suggest either contestant’s probable strength against future opponents?

2. Probably outcome
    Relative weight and experience of the contestants in sports like football, wrestling, etc.
    Ability as demonstrated against other opponents, especially common ones
    Improvements during the season
    Improvements since last season
    New plays, tactics, etc.
    New players, return of injured players, strength of substitutes, etc.
    Former contests between the two contestants
    Weather conditions favorable to either team
    Lack of practice, injuries and other handicaps
    Tradition of not being able to win away from home
    Recent record, slumps, etc.

3. How the victory was won
    The winning play, if the score was close
    The style of play of both winner and loser
    Costly errors and mistakes of judgment
    Spurts that overcame the opponent’s lead

4. Important plays
    How each score was made
    Spectacular catches, etc.
    The result of “hunches”
    Penalties, fouls, etc.
    Disputed decisions of umpire or referee

5. Individual records, stars, etc.
    Records broken
    High scores
    Players who delivered in pinches
    Players not up to usual form

6. Injuries

7. The occasion or crowd
    Size of crowd; record attendance?
    An annual event?
    Enthusiasm, riots, demonstrations, etc.

8. The weather
    Condition of track or playing field
    Effect of heat or cold
    Effect of sun on fielders, etc.
    Which side was more handicapped? Why?
    Delays because of rain, etc.

9. Box score, summary and statistics