The Seraph
  • Moderator: Mr. Hessel
Application for an Editorial Position
Application for The Seraph Editorial Position
Current Editors wishing to continue must submit an application
Editorial Board candidates will be expected to attend the meetings to plan, work on and lay out the final issue of the year. That issue will be your responsibility, including making the writing and photography assignments, writing articles, reviewing/editing others’ stories, and doing the layout, all with minimal involvement of the moderator.

1. Name _________________________________________________________________

    Cor ___________

    Address _______________________________________________________________

    E-mail Address _________________________________________________________

    Phone (home) ___________________________

    Phone (cell) ___________________________

2.  English courses, teachers, grades:

3. Any photo, graphics, art courses you’ve taken, teachers, grades:

4. List three teachers (from any department or activity) as references:

5. Do you know how to use:
    InDesign    yes    no
    Other page layout software     yes    no
    Photoshop    yes    no
    Illustrator     yes    no
    Other? Explain

6. Will you be available to attend a 5-day workshop at Syracuse University in July (dates to be announced) or at Columbia University (last week of June)? In the past, the school has paid half of the fee and the student pays the other half.
    yes    no    maybe    List any limitations

7.  Next year, will you be taking:
    H period class    yes    no
    Afterschool classes    yes    no
    If yes, specify:

8. What additional extracurricular activities will you be participating in next year? Include sports, clubs, part-time jobs, volunteer activities, etc. List each activity and briefly explain your level of involvement, approximately how many hours each week will be devoted to these activities, and whether they will take place after school or on weekends. Also explain how you will balance the responsibilities of being an editor - which requires an extraordinary amount of time and dedication - with your other activities.

9. List the position(s) you are interested in, in order of preference, and briefly state why you are interested in that position.

10. In a typed essay, tell why you are applying for an editorial position on The Seraph staff. Discuss your qualifications and the strengths you would bring to the positions for which you are applying and to the Editorial Board in general. Include your current and past experience. Explain what suggestions you have for improving The Seraph. Include any questions or concerns that you might have.
    The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate your writing ability and your ideas. If you are applying for a photography or graphics position, you should still explain your ideas, although more emphasis will be placed on your portfolio than your writing.

11. Attach a portfolio of your previous work published in The Seraph, or any other materials that you think demonstrate your qualifications for a position on the Editorial Board.

Submit applications in The Seraph mailbox in the faculty room (behind the door).