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Article File Format Guidelines

Online Editing System Instructions

Revised 8/7/05

To make editing and layout easier, all writers should submit every article electronically to The Seraph Online editing system. Articles can be written directly in the online editor, or can first be prepared as a Word document.


If you are working in Word and copying-and-pasting the article into the online system, please adhere to the following specifications:

Font: Arial or Helvetica, not bold

Font size: 10 pt

Format Menu, Paragraph �

Alignment: Left

Indentation: Left 0”, Right 0”

Spacing: Before 0 pt, After 0 pt

Special: (none)

Line Spacing: Double
Between sentences, use only one space, not two

Do not indent paragraphs

At the end of each paragraph, hit Enter/Return twice to end the paragraph and skip a line

If something is copy-and-pasted from the body of an email message into a Word file, click on the ¶ button to show the invisibles and remove any line breaks from the end of each line. If you see circles that look like degree signs, change those to spaces. (Any easy way to do this is to use Find/Replace, change [space] to [space].) Remove any double-spacing between words by using Find/Replace, change [two spaces] to [one space], hiting Change All, and repeating until the dialog box says no replacements made).

After you are satisfied with the article (spell-check and grammar-check it in Word, please), copy-and-paste to submit it into the online system.


Log in to the online editing system using your user name (your first initial and last name) and password. If you don’t have one, contact Mrs. Mascone at [email protected].

Remember to fill in your name and class year (apostrophe before the year, not after), section and headline (or topic of article).

If you wrote the article in Word, copy-and-paste it into the story text box.

If you are writing in the online editor, use a single Return/Enter to create double spacing between paragraphs; Shift+Return/Enter gives single spacing.

After the article is complete, click on Submit Story.

Then go back to it under “Edit Article” and check to see what it looks like:

The paragraphs (not indented) should be separated by one blank line. If they have run together, hit Return/Enter once to insert a line of space where you want the paragraphs to break. If there are two blank lines between paragraphs, put the cursor at the beginning of a paragraph, hit Backspace/Delete (once or twice) to get to the end of the previous paragraph, then hit Return/Enter.

The text should not be bold, except for students’, teachers’, coaches’ names, etc. If all the text is bold, hit Ctrl+A for “Select All,” then scroll up to the formatting toolbar and unclick the B for Bold, then go back and re-bold any names if necessary.

To insert a photo (or other graphic), click on the framed picture on the toolbar. In the first dialog box, click Upload. In the next dialog box, click Browse. Navigate until you find the file you want to insert, select it, and hit Open. You'll return to the second dialog box - click Upload. Then you'll get back to the first dialog box; if what you see in the preview pane is correct, hit OK.

After the photo, use Shift+Return/Enter immediately at the right of the photo so as to not skip a line of space, write the photo caption, hit Shift+Return/Enter again, then type in the photo credit or source, then hit Return/Enter.

At the very end of the article, skip a line of space before listing any outside source(s) you used (for example, websites for International stories). You do not need to list photo sources again — just under each photo.