Science Olympic meeting in the beginning of October in E112 at 2:50pm! exact date TBA

Competition is Feb 7th at Grover Cleveland HS all day (5:45 am meet at prep and we will be returning to prep by about 7 pm).  We will be meeting for the next three friday's (Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 6 @ 3pm - 6 pm)!!! ----DON'T be LATE on Saturday morning----

Science Olympic Meeting this Friday December 19 in E112 at 2:50 pm.  We will be meeting until 5:00 and working on your topics.  After christmas break we will be meeting at a minimum on January 9th, 16th, 30th and February 6th @ 2:50 pm in E112 for a team meeting (20 min), then your coach will probably meet with you to discuss your categories.  The competition is February 7th, lets get to working!!!  

The first meeting of the year is this Friday, October 10th!!!  We will meet in E112 as usual at 2:50 pm, all freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors interested in s science club are welcome. Other coaches are Dr. Bennett, Dr. McNamara, Mr. Cohen, Ms. Brizicky, and Mr. Alvarez.

National Science Olympic Page - (we are division C)
New York Science Olympic Resource Page -
Our competiton is at Grover Cleveland on February 7th, 2015.

The Science Olympiad is a competitive science club/team. We train throughout the year in order to compete in the NYC Regional competition occurring in early February. We compete against the best schools in NYC. Competition categories cover all areas of science including earth science biology chemistry physics engineering scientific inquiry and others.

There are three main types of categories or events. The first type is more test-based which means that students train for this event by studying taking practice tests and becoming an expert in one specific field of science. The second type is a performance category in which the student is asked to do something (usually lab-oriented) on the actual competition day. The last type is engineering or building categories in which the students pre-design and construct items like planes, robots, towers, and catapults that are brought with the team and judged on the day of the competition.