RETREAT LEADERS are students in their Junior or Senior year who assist by giving talks, leading activities, and planning prayer services at our Sophomore Retreats.


 Students need to submit an applications and are interviewed each Spring during the selection process for the following school year. 


Expectations of a Retreat Leader

Act as if you are a retreat leader ever day!

Attend school liturgies and comunion services.

Attend after school or lunch meetings.

Read the monitors and check outside CM Office for announcements.

Know the date of your retreat and inform your teachers one week ahead of time.

Be on-time, well prepared and well rested on your retreat day.

If you cannot attend your scheduled retreat, please notify Dr. Sullivan or Mr. Sempowich as soon as possible.

Be enthused and ready to serve the sophomores.

Dress casually, wear your T-shirt, bring lunch and something for your group.

Take time to pray . . . especially before your retreat day and throughout the year for the sophomores.

Retreat Leaders:

Please submit your Values Talk and Faith Talk typed, one page each to Dr. Sullivan by Monday, October 8th.