Membership in the Franciscan Chapter of the National Honor Society requires a standard in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The Society recognizes the total student who excels in all these areas.

To be considered for membership, juniors and seniors must fulfill the following obligations prior to their candidacy:

• participate in SFP extra-curricular school activities;

• participate in on-going service to school and a non-profit outside of school community (see below);

• achieve a cumulative average of 92%

• maintain a minimum yearly average of at least 90%

• complete or be enrolled in at least three Honor/Advanced Placement courses; including one within year of application.

Each candidate completes an application modeled on the National Honor Society norms adopted by the SFP chapter. Failure to adhere to specific deadlines or requirements nullifies the application. Accepted members are required to continue the above mentioned activities, complete 20 hours of service, maintain the minimum of 90% for both current and cumulative averages, and to live up to the promises and ideals made in their Induction Pledge. Additionally, members must complete three Honors or Advanced Placement courses over the course of their four years. One of these courses must be completed during 11th grade.

Adherence to SFP’s Honor Code and school regulations is expected of all NHS members and applicants. Violation of the Honor Code or repeated disciplinary referrals will nullify eligibility for admission and terminate active membership.

Candidacy and admissions are the responsibility of the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council consists of faculty members appointed by the Principal. The Faculty Council reviews the candidates’ application forms and any other verifiable information about the candidates. Inductees must receive a majority of votes from the Council. Two reviews occur annually: seniors apply in September and juniors apply in November. The Induction Ceremony occurs in at the beginning of the second semester.

NHS Service Criteria

Under ordinary circumstances, the Franciscan Chapter of the NHS has a 35 hour requirement of combined service to SFP and the outside community.  The service is ordinarily conducted at a non-profit organization or at a facility that assists vulnerable populations (e.g., privately owned nursing home).  Twenty-five of these hours are expected to be served at one organization demonstrating an on-going commitment to that organization.



We recognize that the concern for public health and safety has created a difficult environment for high school students to meet the traditional service requirements.  For this reason, the following  modifications  to the service requirements have been made for the class of 2022 & 2023.


Class of 2022 & 2023

Applicants must verify that they have demonstrated the value of service for a total of 15 hours of service to the community and SFP.  The service hours are cumulative since 9th grade and do not need to demonstrate an on-going commitment to just one organization.


Example One

Ten hours of service to the outside community at a non-profit organization or private nursing home/hospital (i.e., coaching for CYO, volunteer at church, assisting at charity walks) and

five hours of service to SFP (e.g., tutoring, assisting at Open House, service facilitated through a school department like Campus Ministry or Guidance).  Service that is rendered via digital means that is verifiable (e.g., letters to nursing homes; assisting at virtual Admissions or incoming 9th Grade Orientation activities) is also considered acceptable service.


Example Two

Fifteen hours of service at SFP or fifteen total hours at another non-profit.


Current Members

Current members must perform 10 hours of service to the outside community and/or SFP by May 7, 2022.