Summer 2018

MEETING May 23rd 7pm in W005.

Enrollment is now closed.

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Summer of 2018 June 23rd-July 5th

One of history’s darkest moments takes on a poignant immediacy when you walk through the cities, towns, and buildings where the events occurred. At the Jewish Museum in Berlin, in the Warsaw Ghetto, in Prague’s Jewish Quarter, and at the camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau, you have the opportunity to recall the suffering, honor the victims, and celebrate the liberation.

This summer there will be a trip to Europe to visit some of the sites and cities that are instrumental in understanding the European Holocaust that occurred during the period of the Second World War.

The tour is open to all current students.

The tour will be led by Mr. Hessel of the Social Studies department who has been teaching about World War II and the Holocaust for over a decade.  Mr. Hessel has led three school tours of Europe and has travelled to 48 states!

The tour company we are using is EF Tours. They are a company with many years of experience in guiding student tours throughout the world and have an outstanding reputation for safety and professionalism.

The tour includes:

A Full-time Tour Director


Sightseeing: 8 sightseeing tours led by expert, licensed local guides and 4 walking tours 

Tour by EF Tours (website: