The NYC Catholic HS Chess League was disbanded 

at the end of 2006.

The Junior Varsity division of the 

New York City Catholic High School 

Chess League 

has been in existence 

for only five years.  

St. Francis' J.V. Team 

has won the City Championship each year:  

5 straight City Titles!

In the first two years of its existence,

Prep's J.V. Team defeated Molloy in the finals. 

The following year, the Prep’s J.V. Team defeated

the team from Regis H.S. in Manhattan. 

During the fourth J.V. Championship in 2004 - 2005,

the Prep's J.V. Team crushed Mt. St. Michael

3.5 - .5 in the finals. 

At the 2005 - 2006 Championship on March 12, 2006,

 All Hallows, Molloy, and Regis 

were "no shows" and forfeited their matches.

 This year is the 5th consecutive 

J.V. City Championship

for the 

J.V. Team!