*Due to covid concerns we are not prepared to start the honor society service hours as of yet, the invitations and directions will follow as soon as possible (late Oct/early Nov)*

Invitations will hopefully be sent out to qualifying members around the end of October(google classroom invite ONLY).  Don't forget we need volunteers for open house, only science service counts (in a lab room or with science research program). *Note - the guidelines for membership qualification can be found https://sfponline.org/docs/Calendar2019-20GeneralRules.pdf.

Your acceptance sheets will be submitted through google classroom and are due by October 21st.  If you need any assistance or have any questions please see Dr. B or Ms. May in the science office.

1.      You will be required to provide service to the science community here at St. Francis Prep. Examples of service include: lab aides/assistants, peer tutors (science classes), and open house (science).

     a.       All juniors and new seniors (weren’t involved last year, for any reason) are required to serve a total of 20 hours over the course of this school year.

b.      Returning senior members (active member last year) you are only required to serve 10 total hours by the ceremony date.

2.      All members MUST attend the ceremony in APRIL, no excuses excepted.

3.      All members MUST serve two service points by attending/participating in two NYSSHS sponsored events/drives (about 90 minutes per event).TBA

4.       You may start your service immediately, ask your current or past science teacher for service hour opportunities and/or sign up as guidance to be a SCIENCE tutor.  You are responsible for keeping your service log (link to print more sheets below).  One paper per submission, do not repeat hours (only hours served during the timeframe of each collection will be counted).  We will be using google classroom for submissions.

b.      We will have collection points throughout the year to ensure that everyone is on pace to get the required number of hours (20 total for all juniors and new seniors, 10 total for second year seniors).

              i. The collection dates will be:

1.      End of 1st Quarter (Nov. 10th), a minimum of three (3) hours

2.      End of 2nd Quarter (Jan. 21st), a minimum of eight (8) hours

3.      End of 3rd Quarter (March 23rd),  nine (9) hours are due (seniors, you should only have maybe one or two hours for this submission.

Collection location - submitted through google classroom (no hard copies accepted)

* The time spent participating in service point activities will not be counted towards your total Science Society service hours.

 To get another log sheet click the link NYSSHS SERVICE LOG.doc