The Little Portion Literary Magazine
  • Moderator: Mr. Hafker

"I have never met a heavy heart

that wasn't a phone booth

with a red cape inside."     

- Andrea Gibson

St. Francis Prep's literary arts magazine since 1957 consists of a staff of approximately 30 students who meet Wednesday or Thursday afternoons, and discuss and evaluate student-submitted poems and short stories.  Artwork and photographs from Prep's art students are also submitted for review.  An annual reading and open mic takes place every May to celebrate the release of our new issue. 
Students interested in submitting their work should email it directly to Mr. Hafker at [email protected] and write LP SUBMISSION on the subject line. Don't forget to include your Cor #. Work is shown to the staff anonymously so the judging is fair.
Please note:  All submitted work must have copious amounts of original imagery and metaphors/similes, a clear speaker and setting. AVOID BEING VAGUE. AVOID CLICHE. Make sure your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are impeccable. Make sure you write your submissions in Times New Roman, 12 pt. size.
 Remember--poetry is the best words in the best order!


Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that the virtual reading will take place on FRIDAY, June 26th.  Remember to tell your friends!

Please don't forget to film yourself snapping.  It will be a nice finishing touch to the event.  

Almost done with picking the cover art and putting the 2020 edition together.  

Also, please see below the quote below for the back cover.  I don't think it could come at a better time.

“We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond.”  Gwendolyn Brooks

Stay tuned for more updates.

Mr. Hafker


Hello dear editors!  One more change to the date for our virtual reading.  We have moved it to next Friday, June 26th, 7:00 p.m.  

Please send both videos of you snapping your fingers (full shot of you and close up of just your hands) to Mr. DiBenedittis by Friday! 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

Hello dear editors!

Just a few updates and revisions from my previous announcement.

First, the virtual Little Portion reading has been moved from June 8th to June 19th.

Second, it is not too late to vote for the artwork you want for the cover and the inside pages.

Third, I am hoping that I can mail you your copy of the 2020 edition before the end of June.

Hope you and your family are safe and well.  Miss you!

Please keep in touch.

Mr. Hafker

Class code:  nwsbysq 


Just wanted to let you know that Kris DiMaggio and I will start preparing pages and artwork this weekend for this year's issue of The Little Portion.  We are going to try and get everything to the printer asap.  Also, Mr. DiBenedittis will be editing and putting together our first ever virtual LP reading scheduled for June 19th!  

Finally, voting for artwork ends this Friday, 6/3.  Please check out the brilliant masterpieces in google classroom.  If possible, describe your top 10 picks, or better yet, click, drag, and upload them into your google classroom file that I uploaded myself.


Rise and shine!

Just wanted to let you know we have a meeting today at 12:30.
Hope to see you there!
This weekend you will be voting for what artwork you want to be included, as well as our front cover. I will be posting the art/photos today and tomorrow.

(Check your email for the invite.)


We will continue to have cyberspace.  Miss you!