Chairperson: Jeanne Buccino [email protected]

Our objective is to foster the growth of all students in sensitivity, skill, and appreciation of the arts while developing perception, personal insight, and conceptual thinking.  The Art Department provides a sequential program of instruction which integrates the four disciplines of art, art production, art history, and art criticism and aesthetics, while fulfilling national and state standards. Each student is given the fundamentals to enjoy the art experience and the opportunity to develop on a more advanced level, either for self-fulfillment or to prepare and qualify for admission to a recognized art program in college to  earn a B.F.A., B.A., or B.S. degree.

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Chairperson: James May [email protected]

The Business Department at  St. Francis Prep offers students  the preparation needed for living, working, and succeeding in the  business world. The department  fosters learning by providing students with equitable access through up-to-date, fully supported techniques, equipping students to participate fully in their business education.  Our goal is to provide basic courses to develop the knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes, and ideas necessary for a successful start  into, and advancement throughout,  a business career. We prepare  our students to become global  citizens ready to meet and  supersede standard expectations,  and ultimately become leaders of future generations.

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Chairperson: James May

The Computer Science Department at St. Francis Prep looks to improve student learning by providing its students with equitable access through an up-to-date, fully supported, technology infrastructure capable of equipping students to participate fully in their computer and technology education. Our goal is to provide integrated, interactive, collaborative, and highly motivational programs that will help students reach ever-increasing levels of human potential in this important field.

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Chairperson: Sal Fischetti  [email protected]

Registration for the spring 2021 semester for driver's ed will begin the week of January 4th, please check the website for the application.
The application will be a google doc,  there will be a link to pay in full with a credit card and if you have your permit please attach a photo in the application.

Driver education instruction at St. Francis Prep is designed not to interfere with the school day.  In the fall and spring instruction includes both lecture and in-car experience. Instruction is conducted BEFORE SCHOOL (6:45am) and AFTER SCHOOL Monday through Friday, with some driving classes meeting on SATURDAY MORNING.  

A weekly remote lecture class and a weekly in-car lesson complete the NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION requirements which are: 24 hours of lecture and 24 hours of in-car instruction of which 6 hours are direct driving and 18 hours are observation.

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Chairperson: Robert Williams [email protected]

All of our English courses fulfill  St. Francis Prep’s mission as a  college preparatory school by  providing students with the essential skills vital for success in higher  education: vocabulary and  grammar development, reading  comprehension, effective writing, literary analysis, and study  techniques.

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Chairperson: Sr. Mary Ann Napier, CSJ [email protected]

The Mathematics Department at  St. Francis Prep offers the mandated New York State curriculum including:  Common Core Algebra 1, Common Core Geometry, and Common Core Algebra 2.

Within these required courses, we offer honors and Regents courses. All of our elective level mathematics courses are offered for College Credit. These courses include: A.P. Calculus, Calculus Honors, Probability and Statistics. Math Analysis Honors, Precalculus and Math12. At Prep we strongly recommend that each student study mathematics for four years. To this end we offer courses to reach out to all levels of mathematical ability.

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Chairperson: Dr. Robert Corbino [email protected]


The Music Department strives to ensure the education of the whole student through our vocation of Music. This is accomplished through community-centered learning environments and varied and enjoyable performance opportunities. These range from participating in countless school functions, to international tours and high-level performances for dignitaries such as Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  Prep’s Music department offers eleven performing ensembles for academic credit. Courses are also available in Music Theory, History, Electronic Orchestration (Finale), and Technology (Logic). Prep also offers a free Music Lesson program for academic credit, as well as outreach opportunities in the broader community.

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Chairperson: Sal Fischetti  [email protected]

The Health and Physical Education Department is designed to develop  the physical, mental, and social skills necessary for the well-rounded individual. By exposing students to a variety of individual, team, and dual sports and classroom instruction in Health education, we hope to stimulate an interest that can be continued in life. We also recognize the importance  of encouraging students to become physically fit. This fitness attained in our classes will stress a healthful lifestyle that we hope our graduates will maintain throughout adulthood.

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Chairperson: Maria Finn [email protected]

The Religious Education program at St. Francis Prep is designed to provide the opportunity for students to grow in faith and acquire knowledge of themselves, God and others. Our courses immerse students in our Franciscan and Catholic Christian tradition, with a deep interest of addressing the developmental and faith needs of the adolescent.

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Chairperson: Kimberly Istrico [email protected]

Students at St. Francis Prep can take one of many possible pathways in science education. Three main facets of science at St. Francis Prep include  our integrative Advanced Physical Science course for 9th graders that  provides a strong foundation for future science courses, our Advanced  Placement (AP) pathway beginning early in 10th grade, and our very  successful Science Research Program. In fact, we are the only Catholic school in the nation to have Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalists for 12 of the past 15 years including the only semifinalist in Queens in 2013!

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Chairperson: Diane Haussermann  [email protected]

The Social Studies Program is  designed to foster and develop global awareness — to see the  differences in people and learn  to appreciate them. It is geared to  help us recognize that to be different, or to do things differently, is not to be wrong. It helps us to understand the way others think, behave, and make decisions. The program  instills in our students the desire  to meet the challenges of a fast changing world scene, and move toward a global community in  which peace, social justice, and quality of life play a major role. 


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Chairperson: Marianna Ruggieri-Marletta  [email protected]

The study of a World language requires a developmental approach and implies a progressive acquisition of linguistic skills. The values gained from learning a language will be related to the amount of time and effort devoted to it. The study of another language brings about a gradually expanding and deepening knowledge of the country, people, geography, history, social institutions, and culture of the people who speak that particular language. As a result, our students acquire a better perspective of our own culture.

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The St. Francis Preparatory School library seeks to implement, enrich and support the educational program and mission of SFP through access to resources and collaboration with faculty to integrate research and writing skills into the curriculum. Equally important is our commitment to encouraging reading as a pleasurable, recreational activity by providing a large selection of age appropriate, engaging fiction and non-fiction to appeal to our diverse student body. We take seriously our charge of creating life-long readers, researchers, and learners.

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