November 2020

From the Desk of Mr. McLaughlin

Gratitude is an Attitude! Through these crazy COVID-19 times, we continue to live out our Franciscan Mission to serve our community. I am very proud of the work of our Campus Ministers during this time of spiritual need. They continue to provide us the nourishment and hope to serve others. I want to thank Ms. Glynn and her FYM team by sponsoring our Thanksgiving theme, “Gratitude is an Attitude.” The Franciscan Youth Movement (FYM) held "Gratitude is an Attitude Week" November 16 - November 23rd. The student body showed their gratitude in the two hundred plus gratitude intention submissions. It is clear we as a community are grateful to be together during these unusual times. We are grateful for our health and the healthcare workers who continue to aid those who are ill. As a community, we are especially grateful for our personal relationships with our families, our friends, and God. In addition to the intentions, we also received video messages from FYM members, faculty members, and administration. The Franciscan Youth Movement wants to remind all Terriers: it isn't only about being grateful this season; it is about giving back to our brothers and sisters in need! God Bless the Prep!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Desk of Mr. Castellano


Student GPAs are displayed on a number of reports and screens. The information below will assist you in understanding what each one represents.

At the end of each quarterly marking period, we calculate the average for that quarter and generate the Quarterly Honor Roll. If a student is on the Honor Roll for a particular quarter, a notation is made on the bottom of the emailed report card. We also post the most recent Quarterly Honor Roll in the school lobby.
The quarterly GPA is determined by adding the grade for all classes and dividing by the number of classes (not credits). The quarterly GPA is not weighted; every class carries the same weight and quality points for honors and A.P. classes are not included. The quarterly GPA is not listed on the transcript.

At the end of each semester and the end of the school year, we calculate the Transcript (or cumulative) GPA. This is the student’s GPA for his or her entire career at Prep, and it is listed on the student’s transcript. The Transcript GPA changes every time a course is successfully completed. It is located at the bottom of the Grades and Attendance screen on the Parent Portal as “Current Transcript GPA.” This is the method by which we calculate the Transcript GPA:

  • The grade for every class is included in the GPA.
  • Each grade is weighted by the number of credits it carries. For example, English 9 is a 1-credit class, so the grade for that class carries its full weight: 90 x 1.0 = 90. Physical Education 9 is a half-credit class, so that grade is counted half: 90 x 0.5 = 45.
  • Every honors class receives 4 quality points added to the final grade for that class; each A.P. class receives 6 quality points. These extra points are reflected in the Transcript GPA but do not appear in the final grade on the report card or transcript. For example, a student who earns 92% in English 9 honors will have 96% added into the calculation for his or her GPA; 92% will appear as the final grade for English 9 honors on the report card and transcript.
  • We add all these numbers together and divide by the number of credits (not courses) to compute the student’s Transcript (cumulative) GPA.

YEARLY HONOR ROLL (different from Quarterly Honor Roll)

Students who were on the Honor Roll based on their Final Yearly GPA for the 2019-2020 school year received certificates acknowledging this achievement in Cor. The Yearly GPA is calculated the same way the Transcript GPA is calculated but includes only the courses for that year. We will get students in cohort C their Honor Roll certificates.

Of the current 12th- 11th-, and 10th-graders (about 1,840 students), 1,000 students made Honor Roll. That is great work. Congratulations. Continue that great work this year.


Juniors and sophomores took the PSAT in October. In previous years, the College Board would send information to students in December about how to access their scores. Students traditionally received an email from the College Board with this information. The schedule regarding score reports might be different this year. Please ask your child to look for an email from the College Board. Once we receive word that the College Board has sent an email to students, we will send home information about how to understand the score report.

From the Desk of Brother Lawrence


The Registrar’s Office sent a letter to each senior’s home regarding the name to be printed on this June’s Diploma. Please give it prompt attention and return the card by the due date.


This has been a year like no other. Music Education has been turned on its ear, given concerns about playing and singing in person. To make sure our Prep students are having the best possible Music experience, our Music department worked diligently over the summer, attending webinars by the Nat King Cole Generation Hope Foundation, American String Teachers Association, and The American Choral Directors Association. They also consulted with numerous Music Educators from other high schools and colleges and studied research from The University of Colorado and Johns Hopkins University, to name a few. Dr. Corbino and Mr. Johnston also presented a webinar in collaboration with The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

The result was a seamless transition to new ways of teaching in a safe hybrid environment. For example, our string teachers are teaching tuning to our younger groups, which is an advanced skill. Our choral teachers are making sure our singers are versed in Music Theory; they hope to begin composition soon. After careful consultation with our school nurse, our band students are able to rehearse again in a socially distant setting in our auditorium.

Some exciting events that are coming up include virtual master classes with faculty from Montclair State University, our Chamber Orchestra working virtually with composer Eric B. Davis, and the presentation of a seminar for local Music Educators on teaching Music during Covid, which will be co-hosted by Queens College and St. Francis Prep.

We look forward to a return to traditional Music Education. For now, know that we are all learning to adapt and excel. Great things to come!!!




BOYS: placed 1st in the Brooklyn Queens championship

GIRLS: placed 2nd in the Brooklyn Queens championship. Girls Cross Country - Sophomore team of Grace Hughes, Sydney Morgan, Anaya Raymond, Theresa O’Connor, Grace Lavin, Cristina Stanescu, and Sophia Leslie won the Brooklyn-Queens, City, and Intersectional Championships this season. Grace Hughes was the winner of the Varsity B-Q champs.


Both the Girls Varsity Soccer Teams and the Boys Varsity Soccer Team took home Championships this season. On November 14, 2020, the Girls Varsity Soccer Team defeated Our Lady of Mercy Academy 1-0 to become League Champions. Senior Vanessa Battaglia scored the only goal of the game.

On November 21, 2020, the Boys Varsity Soccer team became City Champions when they defeated Fordham Prep by a score of 4-3. Junior Alex Grodzki scored 1 of the team’s goals. Senior Sean Salguiero scored 3, including the game-winning goal in sudden death overtime.

Congratulations to both teams and coaches for all of their hard work and dedication this season!

BOYS: 2020 City Champions Photos HERE

GIRLS: 2020 Division Champions Photos HERE


BOYS: City Champion Finalists

GIRLS: League Semi-Finalists


Placed 4th at Championships

GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS: League champions

FLAG FOOTBALL: Since we weren’t able to have a regular football season, we arranged a 7 on 7 flag football season. We had a great 5-week varsity season that was very successful!

Photos HERE

The JVA and JVB teams had a chance to compete as well.

Considering all of the obstacles we encountered, we were thrilled to give our student athletes the opportunity to have a season. Even though it was delayed and shortened, we did our best. The students and coaches stepped up to represent SFP as we would expect. For some events, we were able to “live stream” games to include spectators that were not able to watch in person because of safety protocols.

Beginning on November 30th, we will continue the bowling season that started a few weeks ago. We will start tryouts for boys swimming and boys and girls winter track. Please check the website for details. Make sure you are medically cleared to tryout.

Sports that are on hold, considered “high risk,” and have not been approved to begin competition for the winter season are basketball, competitive cheer, and hockey.

Thanks to all. Stay terrier tough!!

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Fischetti at [email protected].

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