May 2018

“Push yourself again and again. Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.”
Larry Bird

From the desk of Mr. McLaughlin:

As Larry Bird once did on the basketball court, we too do the same at the end of the school year.Finish strong! Our seniors finished strong on May 17th and we now ready for their Graduation Liturgy and Commencement Exercises this coming weekend. Collectively, they have earned over $165 million in merit-based scholarship money.We are very proud of all they accomplished here over the past four years.We wish them all the best in college and career.

Our Junior class now assumes the senior leadership at SFP after celebrating their Junior Day on May 18th with Liturgy in the afternoon and the Junior Semi-Formal that same night.They will be role models to our underclass students, be expected to live out Gospel values, and be true Franciscans.

They received the class ring and keychain that are symbols of belonging to our school community and being Franciscan. It is an acknowledgement that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

These symbols represent a connection to thousands of St. Francis Prep alumni. They will carry these symbols as reminders of the difference that they have made in the life of our school and the difference that St. Francis has made in their lives. Congratulations to the class of 2019. May God Bless You!

I'm equally proud of those sophomore and freshmen students who understand the importance of time management, organization, and goal setting. I see them growing and developing into good decision makers and avoiding the consequences of making poor choices. I see them preparing for their future beyond St. Francis Prep, knowing that a great education will mean a future full of opportunities.

“High school is 4 Years; St. Francis Prep is Forever!”

From the desk of Mr. Castellano:


Students received their course verification forms last week.The form lists all the classes for which the students are scheduled for next year.Please review your child’s course selections carefully.We will have days to request course changes throughout June.Changes cost $40 and are based on space availability and qualification for the course.Students must receive approval from a departmental chairperson to add or change a course.The last day to request course changes is Friday, 22 June, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. There are no course changes in the Summer or September.Please direct questions about your child’s program to his or her guidance counselor.You may also call Mr. Castellano at ext. 209 with questions about procedure and courses.


School final exams will take place on Friday, 8 June. Regents exams run from Tuesday, 12 June, through Wednesday, 20 June. The schedule is now posted on the school web site.Our morning Regents exams begin at 8:30 a.m.; afternoon Regents exams begin at 12:30 p.m. Teachers will inform students of the room for each of their exams.Please encourage your child to start now to prepare well for all of his or her exams. Please remind your child that final and Regents exam scores are part of the final grade for all courses; Regents exam scores appear on the transcripts of students. Our teachers are very generous in holding many review sessions in advance of the exams: please make sure your child goes to these sessions. We wish the students all the best in ending the year well.

From the desk of Brother Lawrence, Registrar:

SENIOR DIPLOMAS:Graduating seniors who successfully complete all academic requirements and financial obligations are entitled to receive their diplomas. Diplomas will be mailed by the Registrar’s Office in early July. A notice will be placed on the school’s web site on the day mailing commences.Any senior who is moving must provide the Registrar’s Office with the new address to ensure correct delivery.You receive the only copy that is printed. As a legal document, it should be kept in a secure place.

WITHDRAWAL FROM ST. FRANCIS:Students who decide to leave St. Francis during the Summer should notify the Registrar’s Office when that decision is made. Parents must complete a Withdrawal Card to facilitate the release of student’s academic and medical records to the new school.

  • All financial obligations must be met before records are released.
  • All students must return the iPad and charger given them along with their passwords.
  • The iPad must be in working order.

Golden Jubilee

On Sunday, May 20th (Pentecost), St. Francis Prep celebrated Brother Leonard Conway's and Brother Robert Kent's 50 Years as Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn. Incredibly, they have each spent their entire ministry--without interruption--serving the tens of thousands of students who have come through the doors of St. Francis Prep since 1968. And on Sunday we all had a chance to say "thank you" during this fine celebration!

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Campus Ministry is proud to recognizea remarkable group of young men and women who embody the spirit of service that Saint Francis modeled for us so long ago. Jade Lynn Acot, Elias Germanakos, Yunsu Ha, and Yuri Seo are the recipients of the 2018 Franciscan Service Scholarship. These members of the class of 2019 who have taken their call to service seriously and have effectively integrated a spirit of service into their daily life will each receive a five hundred dollar scholarship. To be eligible for this award, students must have completed over 150 hours of community service since they began high school and be models of Franciscan living. Congratulations go out to them for all of their hard work!

This summer, Prep’s Campus Ministry team is overseeing a number of programs that will provide environments that emulate just how St. Francis lived his life. The first is called Notre Dame Vision, a program offered at Notre Dame University in Indiana.Students will be spending five days in a setting that helps students take a closer look at their own gifts and talents, and then put them to use to help make the world a better place. The program is led by Notre Dame students who have prepared by taking a special course in Theology and working with small groups. They also spend the semester learning, working, and praying together. Each year, students are changed and moved to the point that they can’t wait to come back and set their experiences in motion. This will be Mrs. Kotowicz’s last year leading the program, as she will be enjoying retirement in the fall.
Another program is Prep’s Franciscan Immersion Experience, or FIE. There are a number of trips each year to places such as Camden, NJ, and Cape Girardeau, MO. This summer, Prep students will travel to Peru to serve at the Hogar San Francisco de Asis, or the Home of St. Francis. This is a facility outside Lima that serves Peruvian children with significant needs who can’t afford medical care. The students are able to work side-by-side with Dr. Tony Lazzara, a Florida pediatrician who, like the early Franciscans, sold his belongings and left a successful practice to serve. The experience is a day-to-day ministry of presence. Volunteers support and help as they can, oftentimes for some tragic situations. This year’s trip will be led by Spanish teacher Mr. Soto, a veteran of this trip, along with another veteran, Foreign Language teacher Ms. Bradfield, and first-time chaperone Ms. Fierst. Rising juniors and seniors are able to apply for the trip during the school year.This summer, four members of the Prep community will be traveling to Prep’s twin school, St. Francis Secondary School, in Lare, Kenya. This is part of an exchange that both schools hope will be an annual and reciprocal occurrence. Over the past several years, Prep has run Lenten drives to assist our African counterparts, enabling them to buy things as simple as desks and chairs and things as vital, but expensive, as a new school van. Brother Leonard Conway, O.S.F., Prep’s President, will be making his second trip to Kenya this summer along with faculty members Mr. Sempowich, Ms. May, and Mrs. Barell.


Need to stock up on Service Hours? Prep will once again be offering the annual Service Academy. In three one-week sessions, students will visit local service sites, such as St. Francis Table in Ridgewood, Presentation Soup Kitchen in Jamaica, and St. John’s Bread and Life in Brooklyn. Students share in discussions about poverty and social justice and what they can do to help in the world around them. Then, as a capstone to the week, students utilize iPads to create and present video service diaries. The program is geared towards those students whose academic and extracurricular commitments don’t allow time for service during the course of the school year. There is an online registration for current students. Click HERE to register now.

On Sunday, April 29th, Analea Maldonado (9th-grader) and Omarian Jones (sophomore) were baptized by Father Ralph Edel in the SFP Chapel! We are so happy for them and welcome them into our Catholic Church Family!

Junior-Semi Formal

The SFP Junior-Semi Formal was held on Friday, May 18, at the school. This year’s theme was "Gatsby" and was evident throughout the evening. This is the culminating event of Junior Day. The Class of 2019 celebrated their rite of passage to become the leaders of SFP. They enjoyed a variety of food and dessert. They took pictures at the photo booth to capture the memories of the evening and, of course, enjoyed nonstop dancing all night long.

Music Department

The Music department has continued to perform and add class and elegance to Prep events through the school year. On May 4th, the department presented its final major concert of the year.The evening featured our Junior Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chamber Choir, and Prep Chorus. We also welcomed special guests from St. Luke, St. Gregory the Great, and Sacred Heart (Cambria Heights) Catholic Academies and Notre Dame School (New Hyde Park).

On May 19th, our Chamber Orchestra performed a concert at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church in Forest Hills, helping the parish celebrate the 80th anniversary of the church and rectory buildings. On May 20th, our Jazz Band provided entertainment for the alumni and guests celebrating Brother Leonard’s and Brother Robert's 50th Jubilee.

Finally, on June 27th, 83 members of Prep's Music department will depart for the United Kingdom, where they will present performances at the Stratford River Festival, St. Augustine's Catholic Church, and Southwark Cathedral and visit Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, and London! This is our third trip to London, and sixth international tour.

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The Little Portion

On Tuesday, May 15th, Prep's literary arts journal, The Little Portion, celebrated its new 2018 edition with a special reading featuring the student writers who had their poem or story published in the current issue. About 50 friends and family members came to the library to hear our talented students share their very personal, very moving, and well crafted voices. Moderator Mr. Eric Hafker thanked the guests, the administration, the English Dept., the Art Dept., and his editorial staff for their incredible support each year. Mr. Hafker also presented this year's Canticle of the Sun Prize to senior Matthew Wagler for the exceptional quality of his poem submissions.

Note: Since 1957, this die-hard magazine has been a genuine outlet and sanctuary for Prep students who need to wear their hearts on their sleeves and on the page not only to save themselves, but their peers--so many of them eager and receptive to the sharing of teenage searching, dreams, ambitions, fears, and perseverance through language.


After school on Thursday, May 24th, in W113 (the Science lecture room), a rare combination of poetic energy and camaraderie took place for Prep's first ever open mic event. Senior Josh Walme told Mr. Hafker a month ago that he knew at least a few seniors who would love the opportunity to read their best poems on the mic at a special venue (aside from The Little Portion reading). Those seniors, a few other brave readers, and a singer literally stepped up and impressed all those who attended. We even had a special guest, Drew, from Floral Park Memorial, who not only shared some of his work but also some very inspirational challenges from his life that left the audience speechless and pondering their own destinies and place in this world.

A unanimous request was made to have quarterly SFP Open Mics throughout the school year. Stay tuned for the 1st quarter mic event in October!

Senior Yearbook – San Fran

This year yearbook wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for these brilliant students. They worked all last summer. They worked weekends and holiday. Fantastic job!

Moderator: Mrs. Verdi

Editor: Adriana Pardo
The Wilderness Explorers:
Massimo Molina, Anthony Garcia, Francesca Gabriel, Britney Schpak The Incredibles:Francesca Georgakopoulos, Amanda Diependaele, Imani Saddler, Imani Johnson
The Finders of Nemo:Erica Campos, Dominick Spina, Jasmine Hitlall, Gabriella Campero
McQueens:Gina Randazzo, William Ajibola, Carmella Mendoza,
The Monsters:Emanouela Pantelatos, Priscilla Estevez, Gabriella DeMauro
Andy’s Toys:Brianna Pena, Gabriella Valentino, Kaitlyn Byrnes

Art Department

JHS Art Competition

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, the Saint Francis Prep Art Department hosted its JHS art competition. Over twenty local JHS schools participated. Over seventy-five works of art were exhibited. The Art department hosted a gallery show in a café setting. There were bistro tables and chairs, refreshments, and tours of the Art department. Over one hundred guests enjoyed jazz music from our Music students and Alumnus Mike Brusca. The show concluded with awards granted to top artists in the show. It was a special afternoon enjoyed by all!

LaSalle Academy Art Competition

On Saturday, May 16th, five of our students won trophies and exhibited their work in La Salle Academy’s fine art exhibition.Mrs. Kathleen Lynch and SFP Art Students traveled to Manhattan where they attended La Salle Academy’s annual art exhibition. They viewed their art work chosen for display. SFP Art students were honored and received awards for their artistic achievements!

Gina Licalzi won FIRST PLACE; Zhamia Simon Nunez and Joshua Balina won SECOND PLACE; Yejin Kim had her work exhibited.

Spring Arts Festival and NAHS Induction

On Saturday, May 12th, the Art Department hosted its annual Spring Arts Festival and National Arts Honor Society induction ceremony. The Arts Festival featured hundreds of student works, animations, films, digital work, fashion, and performing arts. The show concluded with the induction of 94 new members to NAHS. The Art department concluded the year with an ice cream party.

Trial of the Century

On May 30th Prep hosted the annual Trial of the Century, People of St. Francis Prep v. Mrs. Stacey Godek. The prosecution led by Nicole O'Connor '18 and Penda Martin '17 presented a strong case. The defense team led by Kayla Keenan '18 and Abigail Bossa '17 fought a great battle for their client. After all the evidence was scrutinized and the facts deliberated on the jury comprised of faculty, staff, and students found her not guilty of Murder in the 2 degree, but guilty of manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. A lot of hard work and preparation went into this challenging but fun activity for our future esquires.
Many thanks to our presiding Justice, The Honorable William Viscovich '79

Prosecution Team: ADA John Kosinski
Joshua Mathews 311
Thanasi Dilos 204
Timothy Hyland 109
Olivia Frantangelo 107
Isabella Locazs 210
Ashley Mangra '18

Defense Team: Christopher Renfroe, Esquire
Jazmin Jedrzejczyk Cor 207
Katie Zahner Cor 317
Alysandra Kassienauth Cor 308
Jessica Figueroa Cor 306
Anmol Singh Cor 315
Malik Monteith Cor 311
A'ryee McGirt Cor 311
Olga Jimenez 308
Coby Hall 307

Medical Examiner (Janeen Rico 314)
Finger Print Analyst (Nick Kokotos---Senior)
Defendant ---Ms. Stacey Godek
Witness---Mr. Kevin Petry (Played by Matt Corrado)
Handwriting Expert Analysist-----Samantha Rooney 314
Blood Spatter Analyst-----Marin Murphy 311
Medical Examiner---Janeen Rico 314
Toxicologist----Patricia Leal 309

Forensic Scientists
Patricia Leal 309
Janeen Rico 314
Marin Murphy 311
Samantha Rooney 314
Matthew Van Praagh 317

Criminal Investigators
Erica Campos (Senior)
Nicholas Kokotos (Senior)
Nikita Ramnarain 313
Jessica Castro 304
Andrew Jean Pierre 207

Mrs. Maria Finn (Foreperson)
Mrs. Leslie Cozzi
Mrs. Justin Kosinski
Mrs. Jacqueline Mancuso
Mrs. AnnMarie Pedalino
Araceli Corley 304
Richard Romanello 314
Christine Demeo 305
Loriann Chester 303
Alexander Soto 113
Kaitlyn Murphy 110
Elizabeth Mari 310
Yuri Seo 314

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Computer Science 2018 Honor Society

Baseball Signing:John Bondanza


ZOE MITCHEL has been selected to attend the prestigious Washington National Opera Institute for young opera singers this Summer. This is a three-week program taught by classical singing experts. At the end of the program, Zoe will perform on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center.

Zoe will also be attending the MPulse Vocal Arts Institute at the University of Michigan, where she will be singing under the baton of Eugene Rogers. She will also have the unique opportunity to study privately under Stanford Olsen, who has sung at the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, and the Royal Opera House.

Zoe will end her summer studies at the Queens Summer Vocal Institute at the Aaron Copland School of Music, where she will study with Sherry Overholt and Jennifer Grimaldi.

Girls TrackThe Outdoor team won the Brooklyn-Queens Championship for the first time since 2001 and placed second in the City Championship. The team had 6 Brooklyn-Queens champions: Trinity Smith 100m Hurdles and the 400m Dash, Chiara Cinquemani 1500m and 3000m run, Stephanie Zovich Shot Put, and Arianna Goolcharan Discus. At the Intersectional Championship, Trinity Smith won the 100m Hurdles and qualified for the NYS Championship on June 8-9 in Syracuse.

St. Baldrick’s

On April 28 (from L-R) juniors John Sochran, Evan Sirakis, Julian Texidor, Anthony Barisano, and Mr. McCormack participated in a St. Baldrick’s Foundation head-shaving fundraiser. St. Baldrick’s sole purpose is to raise money to fight pediatric cancers. Under Evan’s leadership, the team raised over $7,700.


Tyler Coyoc was honored at the Brown and Gold Awards Ceremony at Adelphi and received the Panther Pride Award. The awards are given to a select few. The event recognized student leaders and organizations and faculty and staff who went above and beyond for student life; it featured student speeches about involvement, volunteerism, and diversity.

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