October 23, 2020

Friday, October 23, 2020

As we continue in this different, unique and challenging school year, I want to thank our faculty and staff for their great work and diligence. It is hard to organize, prepare, and implement lessons to students present in class and those remotely. And even harder with the internet problems we have been experiencing.  So I want to acknowledge their work on behalf of our students and their education. I also want to acknowledge our students. You have been patient and respectful of all the challenges, adjustments and changes this year. Thank you!

Some other points:

Attendance: Moving forward, all A & B cohort students who will not attend school on their regularly scheduled Cohort day, must have a parent or guardian call them in as learning remotely for the day. Students may NOT make that call. Also those students learning remotely on their Cohort Day may NOT participate in after school activities or sports.  When students return to school, they must have a note from a parent or guardian.

Honor Code: Keep in mind,  as you are taking quizzes or tests in class but especially remote,  that the Honor Code is in effect.  You must commit yourself to be a person of trust and integrity, not to cut corners and use in appropriate aid while doing work from home.  Remember, you are responsible for your education.

School Rules

  • Hoodies are not  permitted: Please pace them in your locker at the start of the day or keep them in your bag. You may not carry or wear them.
  • ALL Students must wear their ID Card
  • ALL School policies remain in effect. Please review them on the school website under the student tab.
  • Faculty- please remind your classes. Any infractions going forward please send a referral to the Deans Office.

I know these are different times, somewhat difficult times but let us keep learning from them, continue working hard and keep a positive mindset.

My hope… is that all of the challenges brought on by 2020 will be learning moments for us.  To help us grow  to be better learners and teachers.

This, as we remind ourselves as Franciscans:

Where there is darkness, let us, each and every one us, bring light to others.

Thank you and have a great day.

And remember, you will make the choice to have a great day! God Bless!

Thursday, September 3, 2020
Dear SFP Families,
As we prepare to welcome back our students next week, HERE is a video from Nurse Pappas regarding the medical office policy and procedures. Our first priority upon returning is the continued health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. Of course,  we ask for everyone’s cooperation with the following guidelines:

  1. Sanitize your hands regularly
  2. Adhere to social distancing regulations
  3. Wear a mask
  4. If you are ill stay home

Please note from Nurse Pappas’s video that a medical doctor’s note and a negative COVID-19 test are required to return to SFP for any suspected COVID-19 case.
Stay well!
Mr. McLaughlin

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Dear SFP Families,


It was reported today that the Department of Education has adjusted their first day of instruction to be Monday, September 21st. That adjustment does not affect the first day of classes for our St. Francis Prep students which remains Monday, September 14th.

God Bless,
Mr. McLaughlin

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Friday, August 21, 2020

Dear SFP Families,

As we move closer to the first day of school for our students, I am writing to provide you an update to our reopening plans, an informational reopening video, and the opportunity to ask questions regarding the start of the 2020-21 school year. On the SFP website, https://www.sfponline.org/SFPRe-Opening.asp ,  you will find our in-depth school reopening plan, FAQs, information from CulinArt, our food service provider, and COVID-19 information from the CDC.

This link https://www.sfponline.org/SFPRe-Opening.asp will bring you to our reopening informational video. It contains important messages from various members of the administration, faculty, and staff about our preparation for the start of school. Additional information over the next two weeks will be forthcoming regarding our opening days of school.

I have included a link to a Q&A form so that you are able to share questions with the school administration after viewing the video. We will add those questions and answers on our school website.  Also, for those students who chose the Cohort style of instruction, in the next week we will be assigning you to an assigned Cohort. For both Cohort students and Remote Learning students, we will be releasing a video describing the delivery system of instruction.

It is our priority to continue to provide our students with a first-class Franciscan education, both in our classrooms and remotely.

As St. Francis of Assisi said, “Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  

Stay well!
God Bless!

Mr. McLaughlin

Dear SFP Families,

As I stated Friday, July 31st, the school submitted our framework for reopening to the Department of Health and the New York State Education Department. We have posted this information on our website.
Please understand that we will continue to work on the formation of school schedules that include in-person, remote, and hybrid models of instruction. Our priorities in developing our reopening plan are as follows:

  • To ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and families.
  • To support the social and emotional well-being of all members of our SFP community.
  • To provide high caliber instruction to meet the needs of students in a college preparatory setting.
  • To provide students with a faith-based environment filled with academic success, respect, integrity, and joy. We continue with our Mission “To Teach as Jesus Did” and teach Gospel values always.

We have spent much time gathering guidance for the reopening process from a variety of resources:  the NYS Department of Education, the NYS Department of Health, the Catholic School Administrators Association of New York State, SFP families, faculty and staff, and the Diocese of Brooklyn. It is important to note that any proposed plan will need to be adjusted as the COVID-19 conditions change in both New York City and State. Our current plans are proposed and must be approved by the NYSED.  In addition, Governor Cuomo makes the final determination regarding the opening of schools throughout New York State based upon current coronavirus infection rate data.  It is our hope that we will be able to proceed with opening the doors to our schools for our students in September.  Thank you for your continuous support.  I hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer with your families.

Mr. McLaughlin

Dear SFP Families,

I hope you are having a safe and restful summer.

I am writing to you regarding reopening SFP for the 2020 – 21 school year.  We have been meeting weekly to review mandates and guidance from the Mayor, Governor, Department of Health, State Education Department and Diocese of Brooklyn. At times this guidance has been confusing but we have set up a framework of options to start school in September. I have attended many meetings in the past three weeks as a member of the Commission Advisory Council for Religious and Independent Schools. Our member schools have requested that private, independent, and Catholic schools be given more flexibility than the public schools for reopening because we do not have similar mandates. 

Please be assured that we currently have developed a Reopening of School Framework that includes all options on reopening based on the Department of Health Guidelines and Government directives. Our goal is to provide first class instruction for our students and provide a safe and secure environment for all. In future communications, I will outline the steps we have taken over the summer to ensure that our entire building will be ready for all health-related protocols.

On Monday, the Board of Regents approved the Framework of Guidance to Reopen New York State Schools developed by the New York State Education Department. We will be required to submit our school reopening plan to the State by Friday, July 31. Among the areas included, the priority is the health and safety of our students, teachers, and staff. The Governor is expected to announce during the first week in August a final determination of reopening for all schools in the State of New York.

It is my intention to update you with current information about our reopening plan once we receive clarifying guidance from the Governor. I have also included guidance from the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Stay well!

God Bless!

Mr. McLaughlin

More information from the Diocese about Reopening HERE

Senior Class Update – Parents & Students– Wednesday, June 10, 2020

 Final Call!!!               We need your College Sweatshirt Picture!!!

Follow the directions below:

1. Have someone take a photo of you in your college sweatshirt on your SFP iPad.  (You can use another device as long as it has access to your SFP Google Drive.)
- Your face and torso should be facing the camera and should be lit well so the logo and your face can be seen clearly.
- You should be framed from the waist up.
- You don’t have your college sweatshirt yet? No problem - get creative: hold up something else in front of your chest with the college's logo, such as a print-out of their logo or a folder you received at an open house, etc.

2. Upload the photo to your SFP Google Drive.
- From the Photos app, tap to view the photo you want to submit.
- Tap the Share icon at the top of your screen, near the right side (a square with an arrow pointing up out of it).
- Tap the Drive (Google Drive) icon in the box that pops up in front of your photo.
- Look near the bottom of the box to be sure it's sharing to your SFP Google Drive account (if you don't see your "@stfrancisprep.org" email address, you're sending to the wrong Google Drive account; tap the address you see, to select your SFP Google Drive account instead).
- Tap "Upload" to send it to your Google Drive.

3. From your SFP Google Drive, share the photo with [email protected].
- From the Home screen, enter the Google Drive app.
- Tap on the icon for the photo that you just uploaded.
- Tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and choose "Share".
- Type in SFPTV, and "[email protected]" should be offered to you.  Tap that address to add it to the Share list.
- Tap the send button (a little paper airplane icon near the top-right of the Share box).

If there are any questions or difficulties, email [email protected].

We remain scheduled for Saturday, August 1, 2020 for our in person Graduation Ceremony!

Mr. McLaughlin

Special Message to the SFP Community – Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I have been sending updates and videos regarding our challenges and successes in managing the Coronavirus pandemic and our Distance Learning experience. I continue to pray for everyone in the SFP community who remains sick and suffering with the hope that all will have a full recovery in time.

Today I write you not about COVID-19 but about the shocking events of George Floyd’s death and the resulting protests and violence. On behalf of the St. Francis Prep community, I wish to express our sympathy to George Floyd’s family on his horrifying and tragic death. It clearly demonstrates that we all must do more to bring everyone together as one nation and tear down the walls of racial divide.

As a Catholic, Franciscan school, we strongly condemn any type of disrespect, racism, violence, intolerance, hate, and bigotry. As our families would agree and attest to, there is Unity in our Franciscan Mission when we ask our Lord to Make Us Instruments of Peace, to Shine Light where there is Darkness, to interject Love when we see Hatred. And yes, even in these times of Despair, we all must remain beacons of Hope. That is who we are!

We stand with those who peacefully protest this act of racism violence.  We embrace the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr.: to use nonviolent civil disobedience to create justice and freedom.  As we see no place for racism, bigotry, and intolerance, we also see no place for the violence and looting we have seen on the part of some.  I remind our students to be socially responsible about what they post on various social media platforms.  It is imperative that here, too, we treat all people as St. Francis himself would – with dignity and respect.  The violence of language also does great harm.  Parents and guardians: please discuss these events and appropriate responses with your family.  Any inappropriate posting or messages brought to our attention will be addressed with serious consequences.

I ask that you continue to pray, as a school community, for the victims of injustice, for our leaders to lead, for our protectors to protect, and for nation to come together as one. We need to rise above the hatred, rise above the violence, and direct our energies to necessary healing. Let us direct our energies to greater understanding, compassion, and love for one another to begin the necessary work of righting the wrongs.

Let us now, as one unified Franciscan community, proclaim our values:

  • To be Living Instruments of Peace
  • To Proclaim Joy and Hope
  • To Care for Creation
  • To Live Lovingly

May Peace Be with All of Us!
Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Monday, June 1, 2020

As we approach our last two weeks of the school year, it is hard to believe that we have completed close to three months of distance learning. The manner in which you have adjusted and adapted to this type of instruction is truly remarkable and a credit to you as students. I’m not saying this was easy; far from it. More independent learning, different sleep schedules, eating patterns, sharing rooms at home, and glitches in technology are among some of the challenges we all have experienced. There have been times of anxiety, stress, and even disengagement. As we approach the end of this experience, let us reflect and use this time to evaluate those things, no matter how difficult, we can learn from that will make us a better student, person, and Franciscan. Yes, the good and the challenging, those things that frustrated us but now can be looked at as accomplishment.
How will this moment in time make us greater?


  1. Virtual Graduation Liturgy: Saturday, June 6th at 4:30pm. Following the Liturgy will be our awards ceremony followed by a scene from the school play and the Senior Video. Reminder: the Graduation Ceremony has been moved from Saturday, June 6th to Saturday, August 1st  with the hope that an in person graduation ceremony will be possible by health and government standards.
  2. Locker Clean Up: The Deans have set up a schedule for each Cor. Be sure you clean out your locker at your assigned day and time.
  3. Distance Learning Survey: Mr. Castellano has sent out a survey to our seniors and senior parents and guardians regarding their experience with Distance learning. A survey will also be sent to the remainder of the students and their parents and guardians on June 11th.  Your constructive feedback is extremely important in reviewing and developing the delivery of instruction should we find it necessary in the future.
  4. Enrichment Period: Although we are confident that our students are prepared for their continued progress to the next level of education starting in September 2020, we will engage in an Enrichment Cycle starting on June 11 and extending to June 26. Teachers will post summary curricular information regarding their course that will serve as extra information for the benefit of expanding a student’s knowledge of the course work. All information will be optional for students and be non-graded however teachers will be available during Office Hours to answer any questions. Mr. Castellano will also be emailing you information in the next week regarding this Enrichment Cycle.

Stay Well!
Remain Terrier Tough!
God Bless!
Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Saturday, May 30, 2020

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Tuesday, May 19, 2020

  • The Senior Assembly slider is posted on the school website and will be live at 8:00pm tonight as we celebrate the last class day for our Seniors and their final Senior Assembly. Enjoy the dedication. Thank you Seniors, we Love you!
  • Junior Day Prayer Service and Ceremony, Wednesday, May 20th at 6:00pm. A slider will be posted on the school website and will go live at 6:00pm.


This is your day to shine!  We would love to commemorate Junior Day for the Class of 2021 by having you send us pictures as you celebrate the Junior Day Prayer Service from home. The pictures will not be displayed during the ceremony but on a slideshow that will be developed on Social Media afterwards.

Here’s what we would like you to do:

  • Dress nice for the Junior Day Prayer Service.
  • Have someone take a picture of you and your family or just you. 
  • There will be a sign for Junior Day that you can print out from the website, or be creative   and make your own sign. 
  • Message us through our SFP Social Media: Instagram/stfrancisprep   or     Facebook/stfrancisprep
  • Within your message include your full name and cor.
  • Check the website for further information.


  • Ascension Thursday Mass will be celebrated at Holy Family Parish at 8:30am. Information will be posted on our website.
  • No school attendance will be taken from May 20th through May 25th. Students may have work to complete during that time. Attendance and instruction will resume on Tuesday, May 26th.

During this Memorial Day weekend let us keep our Veterans and Essential Workers in our thoughts and prayers as we take time off and get some much needed rest and relaxation. Because of their extraordinary work we have this opportunity to spend time with family and enjoy some beautiful weather.

Continue to stay safe and be well! Remain Terrier Tough!

God Bless!

Mr. McLaughlin

Senior Drive Through Update May 16, 2020

Drive Thru 1

Drive Thru 2

Drive Thru 3

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Tuesday, May 12, 2020

As we continue our distance learning journey and enter the final weeks of the school year I have highlighted some important announcements and dates below:

  • Join us every Saturday at 4:30pm for Mass streamed from our Chapel from SFP.
  • 3rd Quarter Honor Roll, Optimate Society, and Principal’s List is posted on the school website.
  • Virtual Departmental Honor Society inductions are posted on the school website. Congratulations to all!
  • Senior Graduation pick up is Saturday, May 16th. Seniors were emailed instructions and a copy can be found on the school website. Remember to follow the schedule of Cors and the guidelines provided. Remain in your car at all times.
  • Junior Day Virtual Ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th at 6:00pm. All Juniors and their parents are invited to attend this very important time in the life of our Junior students as they begin their preparation for their final year of high school.
  • Senior courses end on May 19th: As we celebrate the great accomplishments of the Class of 2020, I encourage you to finish strong. Unfortunately, some seniors will need to make up coursework during summer school to qualify for a SFP diploma. Registration will take place on May 28th with classes starting on June 2nd. Mr. Mendolia, Summer School principal, will contact all seniors that need to register for a course. All courses will be available in the distance learning format only.
  • Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors: The vast majority of you have done an excellent job and are to be commended for transitioning to a distance learning format rather quickly. The 4th quarter will end on June 10th. Any student who failed a course for the year will be expected to attend summer school. At this time, we plan to conduct in person school unless conditions exist that would prevent us from doing so. All decisions made will in coordination with the safety guidelines by our government officials.
  • Campus Ministry: We need your Help! There will be a “Drive and Drop” food collection for the Presentation Soup Kitchen at SFP on Thursday, May 21st from 10:00am to 2pm.
  • Lockers: In the next few weeks we will publish a schedule for students to visit the school to allow them to clean out their locker.

Please continue to keep in your prayers the deceased, ill, and suffering of our St. Francis Prep community. Also, pray for our heroes, our essential workers; doctors, nurses, physician assistants, technicians, EMTs, police, fire, transportation, sanitation, grocery store workers, and all those who continue to rush towards the danger so we do not have to.

We remain Terrier Tough!

St. Francis of Assisi…Pray for us!
St. Clare of Assisi…Pray for us!

God Bless! Mr. McLaughlin

Information Update – Parents & Students– Friday, May 8, 2020

Updated Calendar:

5/8 Social Studies Honor Society Ceremony Posted

5/11 AP Exam in US Government & Politics (4PM)

5/12 AP Exam in Calculus AB (2PM) AP Exam in Calculus BC (2PM)

5/13 AP Exam English Literature (2PM)
AP Exam in European History (4PM)
Math Honor Society Ceremony Posted

5/14 AP Exam in Chemistry (2PM)
AP Exam in Physics (4PM)
Virtual New Student Orientation (7PM)
Foreign Language Honor Society Ceremony Posted

5/15 AP Exam in Art History (12PM)
AP Exam in US History (2PM)
Faculty Meeting (10AM)

5/16 Senior Drive through for Graduation Materials Pickup

5/18 AP Exam in Biology (2PM) AP Exam in Environmental Science (4PM)

5/19 AP Exam in Music Theory (12PM)
AP Exam in Psychology (2PM)
AP Exam in Italian (4PM)
Last Day of Senior Classes
Senior Assembly (8PM)

5/20 AP Exam in English Language (2PM)
Virtual Junior Day Ceremony (6PM)

5/21 AP Exam in World History 2PM)
AP Exam in Macroeconomics (4PM)
Campus Ministry Drive & Drop Food Drive: (10:00am-2:00pm)

5/22 AP Exam in Spanish (4PM)

5/28 Registration for Online Senior Summer School (Process TBA)

6/1 Virtual National Art Honor Society Ceremony Posted
Virtual Art Show

6/2 Online Senior Summer School Begins

6/4 Virtual Science Research Symposium

6/6 Virtual Graduation Liturgy, Awards, and Senior Video (4:30PM)

6/10 Final Day of Classes

6/15 Faculty Meeting (9AM)

6/29 Summer School Registration (TBA)
Final Day of Senior Summer School

7/6 Summer School Begins

7/31 Final Day of Summer School

8/1 Graduation (TBA)

Information Update – Seniors and Parents & Students– May 6, 2020

Information Update – Parents & Students– May 5, 2020

Information Update – Parents & Students– May 3, 2020


I just received the following email from Dami Oyefeso, SFP Alumnus, who now works for FaceBook:

“I am living out in the Bay Area and working at Facebook doing tech PR. Reaching out as my prep fam is on my mind - as students head toward graduation this year, it’s not the day they might have imagined. But graduating is a tremendous achievement, and worth pausing to celebrate even in these circumstances. That’s why Facebook has planned a special event, on May 15, with a commencement address and performance from celebrities including Oprah Winfrey. Jennifer Garner, Simone Biles, Miley Cyrus and more.

FaceBook wants to hear from parents, teachers, students about Graduation 2020 & I need to ensure my terriers are accurately represented. To bring this event to life, Facebook is looking for graduating students, parents, teachers and faculty to submit their photos and stories at fb.me/FBIGGraduation2020 before May 4.”

Consider making a submission!

Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Friday, April 24, 2020

Reminder: Friday is a day that we have scheduled for students to complete assignments and teachers to grade and attend department meetings. Use the time effectively.

 Mass will be live streamed from our school Chapel on Saturday, April 25th at 4:30pm. Go to the school website for details.

Senior Sweatshirts: We are ready to celebrate you! It’s time to put on your college sweatshirts. We might not be able to take our annual photo together but we will most certainly make this  extra special in a montage that highlights each and everyone of you.. get creative, put on your best smile .. The prep community awaits !
1. Have someone take a photo of you in your college sweatshirt on YOUR iPad.
- Your face and torso should be facing the camera and should be lit well so the logo and your face can be seen clearly.
- You should be framed from the waist up.
- You don’t have your college sweatshirt yet? No problem - get creative: hold up something else in front of your chest with the college's logo, such as a print-out of their logo or a folder you received at an open house, etc.

2. Upload the photo to your SFP Google Drive.
- From the Photos app, tap to view the photo you want to submit.
- Tap the Share icon at the top of your screen, near the right side (a square with an arrow pointing up out of it).
- Tap the Drive (Google Drive) icon in the box that pops up in front of your photo.
- Look near the bottom of the box to be sure it's sharing to your SFP Google Drive account (if you don't see your SFP email address, you're sending to the wrong Google Drive account; tap the address you see, to select your SFP Google Drive account instead).
- Tap "Upload" to send it to your Google Drive.

3. From your SFP Google Drive, share the photo with [email protected].
- From the Home screen, enter the Google Drive app.
- Tap on the icon for the photo that you just uploaded.
- Tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and choose "Share".
- Type in SFPTV, and "[email protected]" should be offered to you.  Tap that address to add it to the Share list.
- Tap the send button (a little paper airplane icon near the top-right of the Share box).

Any questions:

Mr. Paul DeBenedittis
Technology Department

 [email protected]

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Tuesday, April 21, 2020

As of yesterday, we began our 4 day school week with Friday being used for students to catch up on work and for teachers to use the time to grade and meet with their departments. This schedule provides a much needed relief for both students to complete quality work while still adjusting to our distance learning protocol and faculty who are managing both family and school responsibilities.

Reminder: Students need to check in everyday for attendance on Google Classroom. Our attendance staff will monitor the daily attendance and contact any student who has not checked in.

The Science Department has posted on our school website www.sfponline.org their virtual Honor Society Induction Ceremony. It is very well done and honors those students who have done incredible work during the year and richly deserve this recognition. The other Honor Society Induction ceremonies are currently in production and will be posted in the coming weeks. Congratulations!

School Calendar: We will continue to follow our academic calendar for this school year. The final day for Senior classes is May 19th and the end of the 4th quarter remains June 10th. Continue to produce quality work and finish up the year strong as it will prepare you for next year.


Please know our administration, faculty, staff, guidance counselors, nurse, experience group teachers, and campus ministers are here and available for you. If you are not feeling well physically or emotionally know that we are here to help. Every question is a good question, every concern is valid and every feeling you have is legitimate. As we settle into these new routines at home without the in-person contact with friends and classmates you may feel angry, anxious and isolated. We are here to help!

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Wednesday, April 17, 2020

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Wednesday, April 15, 2020

As you know during this week, teachers will not provide instruction but have the option to distribute assignments. This time period will give the students a well deserved break and also time to catch up on certain assignments.

During the week of April 20th, we will implement two new protocols for students.

  1. Attendance: In order to streamline attendance and move it to a digital platform, students have been invited to Google classrooms by level by Ms. May or Mrs. Donovan-Demeo.  Each day, the attendance will be posted at 1 A.M. and students MUST submit by 11 A.M.  The attendance is a multiple choice question that will take seconds for students to answer.  This question will reflect their attendance for the day: if they choose present, they are expected to complete all assignments for the day in all classes.  If they choose absent, a parent or guardian must contact [email protected] to explain why the child is absent.  Please check with your student that he or she has joined this Google classroom, and encourage them to check their Google classroom every day. Attendance Staff will be tracking absent students and calling parents / guardians if there is any concern or question about the absence.
  2. While we remain on distance learning, we will utilize a four day school week. Instruction will be provided and work assigned from Monday through Thursday. Every Friday, students will use the time to complete assignments, work on projects and prepare for assessments. The Faculty will use the time to plan, grade, attend department meetings, and participate in Professional Development activities. The feedback we have received from teachers, students, and parents is that some students are continuing to adjust to distance learning. It is the hope that this schedule will allow the time necessary to complete assignments in a most efficient manner.


Stay well.  Stay safe!
Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Two developments this week:

  • The Board of Regents has announced the Regents Exams will be cancelled this year. This will give our teachers the ability to complete the curriculum without the concern of implementing Regents exams practice sessions.
  • Governor Andrew Cuomo is extending the statewide shutdown of schools through April 29th.

Please keep all those who are sick and struggling in your prayers!

God Bless!
Mr. McLaughlin

Palm Sunday Prayer– Saturday, April 5, 2020

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Thursday, April 3, 2020

Dear SFP Parents and Guardians:

As we face increasing stress, loss, and concern during these last days of Lent, we encourage you to turn to our faith and join us for Prayer Broadcast this Saturday, April 4th at 4:30 p.m.  Unfortunately, we cannot access the school chapel this weekend to offer a virtual Mass, but please click on the school’s website www.sfponline.org or the SFP Instagram or Facebook links below as we remember those we have lost this week and pray for strength.

Also listed are other ways for you and your student to stay connected spiritually during these sacred and difficult days.

Pray with Prep
Each Wednesday, Campus Ministry offers a special message and prayer for the Prep community.  View these messages of hope via SFP Instagram, https://instagram.com/stfrancisprep?igshid=glzhvhztctkz
or SFP Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/St.FrancisPreparatory.

April 8-Pray the Stations of the Cross with our Campus Ministry Team
April 15-Message from Bro. James McVeigh, OSF & Anthony Pace, Student Council President

Holy Week Resources
If you are looking to connect with virtual celebrations of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, consider using these links:

Live Stream for Services at Holy Family with Fr Ralph:  https://m.facebook.com/holyfamilyfm/

Diocese of Brooklyn & Queens
Masses can be viewed live on the Diocese of Brooklyn’s cable channel, NET-TV, or online on the diocese’s website, dioceseofbrooklyn.org/masses.
The Sunday schedule, between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., includes the broadcast of seven Masses celebrated in the following languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Creole and Italian.  The weekday schedule, between 8 a.m. and noon includes seven Masses celebrated in English, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Creole and Italian.  NET-TV can be seen in the New York City area on Spectrum (Channel 97), Optimum (Channel 30), and FIOS (Channel 48).
Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
Every night from 7:30 – 8:30pm, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal will be live-streaming adoration, music, preaching, and prayer on Facebook.

Pope Francis
Catholic TV offers regular coverage of Pope Francis and will cover the Holy Week celebrations from Rome.  http://www.catholictv.org/shows/papal-programming
Please continue sending any special prayer intentions to [email protected]  They will be remembered each day by our Campus Ministry team and included in upcoming school liturgies.

Stay Well!
God Bless!
Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I hope you are safe and well!

Our tentative date of return is April 20th. After consulting with the Administration, Department Chairpersons, and Faculty we have determined a School Calendar that brings us up to April 20th. You will notice that teachers have the option of assigning work during the Easter vacation but there will be no instruction.  This is similar to a regular vacation period when a teacher would assign a longer term project. This will serve to keep the students engaged and give both teachers and students a much needed break.

Updated School Calendar

  • Saturday, April 4: Off Day – No assignments posted or due
  • Sunday, April 5: Palm Sunday - No assignments posted or due
  • Monday, April 6: Distance Learning Resumes
  • Tuesday, April 7: Distance Learning Continues
  • Wednesday, April 8: Distance Learning Continues; School-wide Prayer service- time TBA
  • Thursday, April 9: Holy Thursday - No assignments posted or due
  • Friday, April 10: Good Friday - No assignments posted or due
  • Saturday, April 11: Holy Saturday - No assignments posted or due
  • Easter Sunday: No assignments posted or due
  • Monday, April 13: No assignments posted or due
  • Tuesday, April 14: Distance Learning Resumes
  • Wednesday, April 15: Distance Learning Continues
  • Thursday, April 16: Distance Learning Continues
  • Friday, Aprils 17: Distance Learning Continues
  • Saturday, April 18: Off Day - No assignments posted or due
  • Sunday, April 19: Off Day - No assignments posted or due
  • Monday, April 20: Tentative Back to School!!!

Note: Fr. Ralph will be celebrating Palm Sunday Mass in our Chapel at 4:30pm on Saturday, April 4th. This will be broadcast on Instagram Live and Facebook Live. Looking forward to seeing you at Mass!

Remember, while we practice social distancing our faith brings us together! Check the website for the Holy Week schedule from Campus Ministry.

Stay well & God Bless!
Mr. McLaughlin

COVID-19 Guidelines HERE

Coronavirus Information Update – Parents & Students– Tuesday, March 31, 2020

I pray that your family is in good health and that if you are experiencing illness that the good Lord carries you back to the road of good health.

As we conclude the 3rd Quarter and begin the 4th Quarter, remember to remain focused. I know this is different and for some of you a much more difficult way to learn and complete work. Now is the time to stick with it, work hard, and use all the resources available to you. When teachers informed us that some students were not handing in assignments, our Administration and Guidance Counselors did a great job of checking in with each and every student who may have owed work. They talked with many students and parents and left numerous messages and emails. We will continue with that model moving forward. I informed teachers to set deadlines for students to help them stay focused.

We continue to monitor news and timelines from our Mayor, Governor, and President regarding this crisis and a possible return to school. With that in mind, keep the following in mind:


Parents and Guardians need to e-mail [email protected] as they would communicate on a regular school day if a student is ill, if there is a death in family, etc. We need to keep our daily attendance active and keep a record of any issue that could prevent a student from doing work on specific day(s).

Office Hours

Students are encouraged to use our Faculty “Office Hours” posted on the school home page to communicate live with a teacher.

Report Cards

The 3rd Quarter Report Card will be sent to the Parents email address by Friday, April 3rd.


Father Ralph will celebrate the Palm Sunday Mass from our school Chapel on Saturday, April 4th at 4:30pm on Instagram or Facebook Live. Hope to see many of you there!

Additional Items:

  • The Administration has cancelled all school trips for the summer
  • Report Cards will be emailed on Friday.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences have been cancelled. Parents can contact teachers via email should they have a question or concern about a grade.
  • Senior Prom remains scheduled for Friday, May 29th.
  • Graduation Liturgy remains scheduled for Friday, June 5th.
  • Graduation remains scheduled for Saturday, June 6th.

Continue to stay safe, practice social distancing, if you are sick stay home, avoid social gatherings, and always practice good hygiene. And always Pray!
Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Wednesday, March 25, 2020

End of 3rd Quarter Update:

I hope all are doing well!

As we approach the end of the 3rd quarter, the vast majority of our students are doing well. The combination of  grades collected by our last day of classes on March 12th and the ones submitted via distance learning; will determine the final 3rd Quarter grade. If a student does not complete an assignment, and there have been very few, the teacher will contact the student and submit their name to the Assistant Principal who will then contact the parent or guardian. We will continue to manage our attendance in this manner and which helps us with accountability, to process students who have health concerns or who are experiencing technology problems. Remember, if a student is ill and cannot do work, a parent or guardian must contact our Attendance Office at [email protected] to report the absence.

It is important that all students complete their work as assigned. If there is a technical problem, discuss that with your teacher and they will get you the necessary assistance. I also know that this method of learning is different and new for many of our students, especially our Freshmen. Some of you may become frustrated or stressed by the work, technology, or certain deadlines. You are not alone! My best advice is to keep working hard and communicate with your teachers and guidance counselors about any problems you are experiencing. We are here to help but we cannot help you manage a problem if we don’t know what the problem is. I have informed our faculty of this concern. With that in mind, set up the following schedule for the end of the quarter:

  • No assignments will be due or posted Friday, March 27, Saturday, March 28, Sunday, March 29, Monday, March 30.
  • Distance learning will begin for the 4th quarter on Tuesday, March 31.
  • For those who have been ill or experienced technology problems, teachers will accept work up to Sunday, March 29.

These four days will allow teachers to accurately develop their grades for the 3rd quarter and allow students to work on long term assignments. In both cases it provides everyone with a break to get some much needed rest and exercise.
Let us continue to do our best during this most difficult time. I know the Prep spirit will help us endure.

Continue to do well academically, follow the guidelines to remain healthy, and continue to pray that God will provide us with the strength necessary to overcome this adversity.

St. Francis Pray for Us!

Coronavirus Information Update – Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The new reality of your children, our students, learning at home is a new challenge for us all.

It is important for us to recognize and acknowledge that half of learning is academics, while the other half of learning is out of the classroom; it is on the athletic fields, in club meetings, at play practice, on the stage for band practice, studying in the library and hanging out in the cafeteria with their peers. The normal navigation of the school building, routines of going to lockers, and the boundaries of each school day are missing. All of this and more add to the students’ learning; that cannot be duplicated while at home. We are aware of that.

SFP teachers are expanding their classroom and offices to the students through technology, which is great.  Additionally, the guidance counselors and experience group teachers are reaching out to the students to reinforce that support is available. This connection for students to express their current concerns, as they would do when they are in the building, with their counselors and experience group teachers is essential to their mental health.

The school nurse and attendance staff are working together to coordinate responding to parents if students are ill or have other reasons affecting their inability to "attend" to their academic work on any specific day while at home.

Many other staff members are also working behind the scenes from their homes assisting the students and faculty.

Remote learning, for the whole child, has its limits. We need to remember that this is temporary. We will be back together in the school building; we will resume all that is being missed now. Those experiences are essential to our children's learning: their identity as young adults, their interactions in person with one another, the values of faith, compassion, courtesy, and the ability to laugh together.

We also recognize not every household is the same and does not have the same set-up for an optimal experience for this distance learning model.

Here are some tips to help your child (or children) set up a space to get good work completed.  Just winging it does not work.  As we all know, setting up a space does help when doing a task.

  • Have each child set up a space as his or her own. For some that may be a table, or portion of a table.  For others, it may be a humble space on a rug or chair.  Having some formal "set up"   for this learning space will enable your child to "go there" as a routine each day.
  • Have break time set up: time to eat,  have a "free," relax in between learning time.  Take such time to get outside to do some solitary activity and exercise.
  • Require your child to get up each morning at a reasonable early time to begin the "school day" at home.
  • Monitor their social media even more closely. Our children know how to get lost in social   media, in playing on game devices, etc. Although these activities in limits do have an important role in their day, with the loss of "school day boundaries," the urge to stay on those activities for endless time poses a real concern.    Perhaps engage them to play a board game, talk about family memories, watch a movie together.

We know that many of you also have your college kids returning unexpectedly. Sharing the household space and transforming space for on-line learning for all ages is another layer of challenges in the home.

Please know we, the SFP administration, are available for you, the parents and guardians, for any consultation during this time. We understand the added stress of balancing this global health crisis, managing your own jobs, and providing attention and hope to both your children and other relatives. We know this is difficult. Please know you are not alone. We are here to support, listen to, and share with you. 

The members of SFP Administration: [email protected]

Br. Leonard Conway, President:  [email protected]
Mr. Patrick McLaughlin, Principal: [email protected]
Dr. Joseph Castellano, Assistant Principal of Curriculum: [email protected]
Ms. Gerilyn Coccia, Assistant Principal: Dean of Students, [email protected]
Mr. Christopher Mendolia, Assistant Principal of Faculty and Instruction: [email protected]
Mr. Xenos Novoa, Assistant Principal: Dean of Students: [email protected]

Coronavirus Information Update – Friday, March 20, 2020

Dear Seniors,

It has been a week! We all miss you but please understand… You will not be FORGOTTEN!

This was not in the script for your senior year, the Class of 2020! The story line was much brighter.  Coronavirus (COVID-19) was not in your vocabulary when you returned to school for the start of your senior year on that sunny day in September.  I could see the pride on your face as you walked into school wearing your SFP Senior polo.  There was great happiness in the first assembly as you connected once again with classmates and then headed outside for the class photo for the yearbook. Finally, you were the leaders of the school, the role models, the wise ones. All of those good feelings seemed to have been hijacked by this virus, pathogen, and pandemic. You will never forget what this demon has done to your end of the year ceremonies and celebrations. It is not FAIR and you have every right to be angry and upset. It causes all of us to be anxious because that is what fear and uncertainty does, it causes anxiety. No hardship, no disease, no fear can stop us from having the strength to move on, and you and we will. We are now called upon to be the leaders that I know you are. We must come together as a Franciscan community, using the faith, values, and core beliefs from your family and at Prep.

A few weeks ago, I was meeting with a group of seniors talking about their four years at St. Francis. I asked them if they had any regrets. They didn’t have many but the one thing that came out loud and clear was, “I would have been more involved, I would have tried out for a sport, auditioned for the school play, joined a club, or danced on stage at International Night.” As I pressed them to give me a reason why they didn’t do all those things they finally admitted they were afraid to fail. Let us learn from this COVID-19 as it denies us the freedoms we are so used to:  not being able to go to the movies, out to a restaurant, and gather with friends. Let us appreciate those minor little things that we took for granted, like gathering in the cafeteria, library, and hallways to meet friends before the first bell. Let COVID-19 teach us to be more respectful of each other, that we are all in this together regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion. As you near the end of the senior year and begin to focus on the next four years of your journey, let your mindset be one of continued growth and learning from others, situations and yes, even the Coronavirus. Let us learn not to be afraid to fail because we do not know when we will have the chance to do something again.

My dear seniors, you all have tremendous potential for growth and success; you are resilient and smart (it’s cool to be smart), and you will land in a good place if you just keep the faith. COVID-19 has not robbed and cannot rob you of your potential, intelligence, drive, dedication, success, faith, and hope. Continue to be the good people you are; stay optimistic, keep up with your work, manage the college process, help others, and always pray.

You are not FORGOTTEN!

We cannot predict a timeline. I’m done predicting! Whenever it is, we will do appropriate celebrations for the end of the year for the Class of 2020 and your families. We continue to move to April 20th when God willing we will all be in school together again and making the necessary adjustments to the school calendar for the end of the year. Certainly, this is not something you could have predicted on September 6, 2019. Let hope replace disappointment, love replace anger, and stay strong in your faith. We will come out of this on the other side stronger, wiser, and better than ever. COVID-19 happened to us. It is up to us how we manage it.

SFP Strong

Love you all!

Stay well!
Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Monday, March 18th

The building will be closed on March 19, 2020

I continue to pray for all in our SFP community; students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, family, and friends. I pray for everyone’s health, safety, and well-being, and most of all, for the time when we can celebrate being in the building together again (And it will happen).

This crisis is difficult on all of us: for parents who need to pay bills and provide for their family; for students who need a different discipline in order to complete their work successfully; for teachers who must provide for their families at home and provide instruction for their SFP children in their classes. We are all coming together to do what we need to do for the greater good because we care about each other. We are all asked to do the right thing because we are discovering how connected we are to each other. We need to rise up to the next level of respect and care for each other and realize that we are more similar than different.

Read this carefully!!! No one is ALONE in the SFP community. We are all in crisis mode; it doesn’t matter what type of car your family owns, the price of your sneakers, the type of house or apartment you live in, or the latest technology you have. What matters is that we do what’s right for ourselves, our family, and our neighbors. We are here for every one of our students. No one is forgotten because of this interruption in our lives. In the information posted below, I have included names and contact information for our Campus Ministers and Guidance Counselors. They are working hard in their remote offices and are available to you for anything. During this time of uncertainty, communication is more important than ever. There is no “stupid” question.

As educators, the best part of our day is that time with our students in the classroom. You bring hope, resilience, energy, and enthusiasm. While at home, bring all of those qualities to your work and those around you. As I think about what lies before us, remember that it is not so much the problems that we are confronted with but rather our response to those problems. The Prayer of St. Francis best exemplifies and guides us through these difficult times:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

As we move on, stay positive, take one day at a time, get some exercise, read, talk with friends, do your homework, watch a movie, check in on neighbors, drop off supplies to the isolated, journal, laugh, and pray.
I pray for you, and I am sad that this has affected your school year. Know that we love you all (maybe we need to say that a little more often), want the best for you, and  are here for you. We will come out of this on the other side a little stronger, wiser, and better than ever. No Pandemic is strong enough to keep the SFP community down for long!

Campus Ministry

We are here for you! 
During this difficult time for our world, it is normal to feel more stress and anxiety. Please know we continue to remain here and available to you. We are working together as a St. Francis Prep community to continue to serve you and your families during this uncertain time. The St. Francis Prep community remains strong. 

We invite you to reach out to Experience Group teachers, or anyone in our Guidance and Campus Ministry departments for any reason: if you are feeling overwhelmed or are worried about someone else, or just want to chat. The names of the department members and their e-mails are listed below for your convenience. We would be so happy to hear from you! 

Campus Ministry
Fr. Ralph Edel, ​[email protected]
Bro. James McVeigh, OSF, ​[email protected]
Ms. Marissa Ruotolo, ​[email protected]
Mr. Shawn Sempowich, ​[email protected]
Dr. Christian Sullivan,  ​[email protected]

Experience Group Teachers
Ms. Eileen Cosgrove, ​[email protected]
Ms. Leslie Cozzi, ​[email protected]
Ms. AnnMarie Pedalino, ​[email protected]

Guidance Department
Click ​here​ for List of Department members

Technology – Google Calendar

We have created a google calendar for faculty to coordinate office hours/extra help optional sessions for students to avail themselves of during this time of distance learning. These sessions will be conducted via google meets using [email protected] email addresses.These sessions are optional and will be carry no weight in any course grade at this time. As teachers add appointments, the calendar will reflect available times so please check it regularly. The calendar will be available in this email as well as on the SFP website. Please click this link to see available sessions:

Google Calendar Faculty Office Hours


Parents need to e-mail [email protected] as they would communicate on a regular school day if a student is ill, if there is a death in family, etc. We need to keep our daily attendance active and  keep record of any issue that could prevent a student from doing work on specific day(s).

Medical Office

Please keep the Medical Office abreast of any illnesses or health concerns.  [email protected]

God Bless!
Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Monday, March 16th
As you know, the Mayor yesterday announced that the Department of Education will close its schools starting today, March 16th, through April 20th. St. Francis Prep will follow the Mayor’s directive. This closure is unprecedented for the New York Public Schools and certainly for St. Francis Prep.

Our students and faculty are well equipped to manage a remote-distance learning format. As a result of our daily use of iPads and remote platforms such as Google Classroom, targeted instruction and assessment will continue without the face-to-face classroom environment. Nothing takes the place of being in a classroom together, but under these conditions our distance learning capacity will be used to effectively educate our students. I have every confidence in our teachers to deliver high-quality instruction using this format.

Although the doors of our school are not open, school is not closed for instruction, teaching, and learning. Through this difficult time, I am sure we will discover by way of creative lesson planning, improved ways to help educate our students. We will not lower the expectations we have for our students. We know our students want to learn, complete work, and have a successful completion to the school year. It is important that they develop a daily routine of doing school work and create a schedule just as they would if they were in school.

During this time of transition to distance learning, our teachers, department chairpersons, administrators, and guidance counselors remain available to students, parents, and guardians should anyone have a question or concern.  

Please note that it is not mandatory that students come to school. This opportunity is only for students who feel that they need something from their locker. If a student is not feeling well or is sick, stay home.

I thank you for your cooperation and understanding throughout this very difficult time for all. I am very proud of our teachers, staff, students, and parents in the way we have supported and continue to support each other. Let us continue to pray for all afflicted by the virus, for families that are experiencing difficult times, and for the strength to manage all types of adversity.

God Bless!
Mr. McLaughlin

Coronavirus Information Update – Friday, March 13th
As you know, students, faculty and staff were directed to remain home today and begin preparing for distance learning which will begin on Monday. This will give our maintenance team the valuable time and space to do a deep cleaning throughout the building Harvard Maintenance, the cleaning staff, began disinfecting all HIGH TOUCH SURFACES such as counters, tabletops, desks, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, and phones throughout this past week. That will continue today and over the weekend. Extensive work will take place in the cafeteria, locker rooms, labs and the gym.  Hand sanitizers have been filled in all  areas of the school. All cleaning guidelines are being followed according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.

As of today, there have been no cases, within in the SFP community,  of Coronavirus reported to us. I urge everyone to continue to take the precautions as we outlined throughout this past week. The best advice going forward is to practice good hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water as often as possible, and by covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your sleeve. Stay in your home if you are sick with a respiratory illness and/or fever and contact your local healthcare provider.

God Bless!

Parent Letter - Coronavirus Information Update – Thursday, March 12th

We have monitored the developing situation related to the coronavirus from the very start. Our primary focus has been to remain prepared and calm. The faculty and staff are thoroughly prepared to provide instruction via our distance learning protocol.

At this time, we have no specific threat to close school. I recognize that these are uncharted waters and that there are many concerns about buses and spaces with other students. In an effort to better assess the spread of the virus, prevent community spread, flatten the infection curve, and give our maintenance team more opportunity to clean and disinfect all areas, school is closed tomorrow Friday, March 13, through Wednesday, March 18, 2020.  The expected return to regularly scheduled classes will be Thursday, March 19, 2020.  We are not closing school as a result of any positive cases or symptoms. But the spread infection played a major role in this decision.

Tomorrow will be treated as a day that teachers will use to prepare distance learning lessons for their students. No virtual classes will be held.
As a community, we continue to pray for all families affected by this illness.

Mr. McLaughlin

Parent/Guardian Coronavirus Information Update – Tuesday, March 10th

St. Francis Prep continues to prioritize the developing situation related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).​ Our primary focus is to remain “prepared, not panicked.”
Over the past two days, there have been many rumors spread throughout the school and on Social Media. That needs to stop! It is not only hurtful to whom the rumors are directed but also to the entire school community. It breeds fear, stress, and anxiety, none of which is helping the situation. It is best when people have a question or concern that they report that to the school administration or the medical office immediately. Every concern that has been brought to us has been thoroughly investigated.  Each day we anticipate learning of new concerns. Be assured we will review and consult with any parent or student who is brought to our attention who may be associated with this virus. We appreciate the on-going cooperation of such families when we need to inquire about information we have heard. When there is a valid concern, parents have been cooperative and consulted with their own family doctor to confirm their child is healthy and not at risk. Please understand it is important for you to know if we ever have a confirmed case (Covid-19)we would report immediately to the Department of Health and follow their directives.
As I stated, as of now, there are no known cases of the Coronavirus within the SFP community.
I addressed the student body on Wednesday morning about this situation.
Distance Learning
Yesterday, we received additional guidance from the New York State Education Department, indicating that if a confirmed case exists for a student or staff member, the school would close for 24 hours in order to provide time for deep cleaning and to determine if a longer closure is warranted. This guidance also reinforced that the Department of Health is the lead entity for making and enforcing closure and quarantine decisions. St. Francis Prep has been working to plan and prepare for a variety of situations, including continuity of instruction in the event of a closure. Closure will be a rapid response to mitigate an actual health threat and thus would likely occur without advanced notice. ​Therefore, we are asking students, faculty, and staff to be prepared for this scenario.
On Tuesday morning, I met with the faculty to fine-tune our distance learning protocols.

  • To make sure students are successful, they must be prepared: bring the iPad home every night, and be sure to have a way to charge it. Be proactive: students need to be sure they have a way to access the internet and work. SFP Google accounts work on any device that can access the internet, so students have any number of ways to get the work they need.
  • Teachers will be expected to have clear lines of communication with students. These can include email, posting on the class pages SFP website, and Google classroom. Students should confirm that they know how teachers will be reaching out to them and feel comfortable with these methods.
  • Students will be expected to keep up with work as it is being shared by the teacher; just because we are not "in school" does not mean we are not class. Teachers will be conducting distancelearning, which will have both instructional pieces and assessment pieces.
  • Teachers will share instructional material; this will not be something that students are required to log in at a particular time to watch.  Teachers will be setting deadlines throughout the day, so students must be sure to check for work each morning when they wake up and again throughout the day.
  • Teachers will be asking for assessments of learning. These could include, among other things, tests. Students must be sure to adhere to the guidelines and hand in the work as teachers ask. If students have any questions, reach out to the teacher sooner rather than later.

Talking to Children About the Coronavirus:
It is important to model calm behavior, keep an open line of communication, and help children attain a fact-based understanding​of the situation in a developmentally appropriate manner. The following resources may be helpful for discussions with your children regarding the coronavirus and addressing any concerns they may express:
https://parenting.nytimes.com/childrens-health/coronavirus-kids-talk  How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus - New York Times
St. Francis Prep will continue to share information with our community as it becomes available. There is a lot of information circulating related to the coronavirus, and I’d like to reiterate the importance of relying on credible sources of information such the Office of the Governor, the New York City Department of Health, the CDC, and NYS​ Health Department.  Any information regarding school closures or adjustments to school programming will come from me and will immediately be posted on the website. The school administration, faculty, and staff will continue to provide the best possible instruction and safety for our school community. 
Mr. McLaughlin

Parent & Guardian Update Monday, March 9, 2020 Coronavirus Health Advisory and Update

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I made this announcement to the student body at 9:25 this morning:

The school has been reviewing information from the CDC, NY Department of Health, and Governor’s and Mayor’s offices on a daily basis. They all have been indicating that there is fear, anxiety, and panic that people have been feeling. But there is also a reality.

We know the disease is mild in most people who get it. At least 80%, most likely more, won’t have an illness bad enough to warrant hospitalization. The immune systems of children and teenagers seem stronger than older adults and elderly.

So there is a difference between a healthy response or one that can be unhealthy. The purpose of this correspondence is to give you latest information on our school’s response.

At this time, there have been no cases of Coronavirus in our building or community. Due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and out of concern for our students, staff, and faculty members, St. Francis Prep is taking the following actions:

School Cleaning and Disinfecting

Last week, as a precautionary measure, Harvard Maintenance, the cleaning staff, began disinfecting all HIGH TOUCH SURFACES, such as counters, tabletops, desks, doorknobs, handrails, bathroom fixtures, toilets, and phones. Hand sanitizers have been filled around different areas of the school. We have placed a number of new hand sanitizers around the building. During the day, Harvard workers (maintenance) will also be sanitizing the building.

Possible School Closure

We are preparing guidelines should it become necessary for us to close the school at some point. You will receive detailed information from the school regarding expectations and standards for distance learning.

Health and Safety Precautions

The best advice going forward is to practice good hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water as often as possible and by covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your sleeve. Stay home if you are sick with a respiratory illness or fever. If you feel ill in school, REPORT TO THE MEDICAL OFFICE IMMEDIATELY. Remain home until you are free of fever and until you are symptom-free for 24 hours without the use of medication.

Notify the Nurse’s Office

A medical note is a requirement to return to the school.


In consideration of our SFP community, we will request that all SFP students refrain from unnecessary travel at this time. According to a letter distributed by the NYS Department of Health on March 5, 2020, "People most at risk are those who have traveled internationally in the past fourteen days or have been in close contact with an international traveler in the same time frame." If you travel, please be aware we will require your child to remain home until you contact your doctor to discuss your recent travels and any associated medical concerns. Additionally, we will require written documentation from the doctor regarding a student's eligibility to return to school. We ask this as we have the best interest of our community in mind. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse, Mary Pappas (718) 423-8810 ext. 234.

If you are aware of any family member or friend you have been in contact with who may be ill with the virus, please notify the school nurse.

I remind you that no masks are allowed to be worn in the building.

Out of caution, because of the large crowd, International Night, originally scheduled for this Friday, has been postponed. I will meet with Mr. Ganci for scheduling a more appropriate date.

Please check the school website www.sfponline.org for any updates regarding the Coronavirus and cancellations or postponements of activities.

Thank you!

Patrick McLaughlin Principal St. Francis Preparatory School

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦