School Library: Evaluating Websites


Who is the author?
What are his/her credentials?
Is he/she qualified to write about this topic?
Can you defend this source to your teacher?


Who is the intended audience?
Have you ever heard of the organization?
Is the page associated with an institution or company?
What is the purpose of the page?


Are there spelling or
grammatical errors?
Does the information
appear to be accurate?
Is it truly relevant to your needs?


When was the information on this page published?
When was it last updated?
Does your information need to be current?


You can use the end of a domain name to help you judge the validity of the information and the potential bias of a website.

.com—commercial site
.gov—U.S. government site
.org—organization, often non-profit
.edu—school or university
.mil—U.S. military site                                  
.net—networked service provider

- personal site (Be suspicious of personal sites)