School Library: The Great Gatsby and the Jazz Age

The Great Gatsby and The Jazz Age


When you're browsing for books in the library, here are some good sections to check out.  Remember: you can always use the library catalog to search for a specific topic, and the reference section on the balcony is a great place to get information for a paper.

- 973.9: American history, the 1920s 
- Biographies (all the way at the far West end of the library) 
- 781.65: Music and musicians 
- 709: Art and artists 

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The Roaring Twenties: The 1920’s in History
This site covers a wide variety of topics and would be a good place for getting background information, and contains a lot of good pictures.  

Digital History – The Jazz Age
University of Houston sponsored this excellent online textbook, written by a professor there.  It has several “Guided Readings,” which look like short essays, about a variety of topics concerning the 1920s.  It’s scholarly without being dry, and there are a lot of other features of the “textbook”: mini-quizzes, primary sources, audio and video, and more.

Library of Congress American Memory Project: 1900 – 1929
This link is to a list of all the American Memory Project’s collections that cover the period between 1900 and 1929.  Each collection focuses on a specific person or topic, and includes primary sources about that topic (Alexander Graham Bell’s notebooks, sheet music from churches, song recordings, movies and more).  Not all of these collections are from the 1920’s, but it’s worth wading through to find the ones that are.

Infoplease: 1920 – 1929 History
Information Please is a great website for fun facts, and one of their specialties is timelines.  This timeline has one entry per year, and each event is linked to a larger article.  It seems like a short page, but there’s a lot of information packed in.

Jazz Age Culture
There’s no actual content on this website, but it’s a chock full of links to other useful resources.  Some of the links are broken (it's a little old), so be careful, but what’s still up is quite comprehensive and useful.  

United States History: 1920 – 1929
Similar to the previous link, this website has no original content and is just a list of links.  However, this list of links is significantly better laid out and easier to navigate.  It’s broken down by topic pretty narrowly, so you can easily find what you need.  There are topic sections for each one of the potential topics for your presentation (Women’s Rights, Prohibition, Organized Crime, etc.).

Brief Timeline of American Literature, Music and Movies: 1920’s
This website lists major books, movies, and songs/albums to come out every year.  

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre:

American Masters – F. Scott Fitzgerald
American Masters is actually a PBS documentary series (so look out for the DVDs, if you’re interested); however, their website has a lot of information as well.  There’s an extensive timeline, some interviews, and a few of Fitzgerald’s essays reprinted.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary Home Page
USC has put together a really comprehensive website about Fitzgerald.  They have a very complete timeline, reprinted essays, basic facts and figures, quotes, and even snapshots from their collection of Fitzgerald’s personal articles (a briefcase, a flask, a copy of Ulysses).

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Literary History
Literary History is a great resource for scholarly journal articles about 19th and 20th century authors.  They also compile lists of introductory information for each author.  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s page includes several articles about his life, including a good timeline.  

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald Background
Though the website for the musical The Beautiful and the Damned might seem like an unlikely place to do research for school, the background section here is actually very helpful.  It contains a couple of pictures, and mainly a short article about the relationship between Zelda and Scott (which, in case you are curious, is what the musical is about) written by the president of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society.

Women in the 1920’s:

Decade by Decade: 1920’s – Women of the Century
This Discovery School website has a timeline dedicated to women (some more famous, some less) in the 1920’s.  There isn’t very much information for each entry, but the quick blurbs might give you some good ideas you won’t see mentioned on other, more general, timelines.

The Gold Coast:

Old Long Island
This blog is mostly pictures and newspaper clippings of houses and new housing developments on Long Island’s Gold Coast.  They’re not all from the 20’s, but they give you a great sense of what houses looked like during that time.

Long Island’s Gold Coast
This is another great collection of pictures of the mansions along the gold coast.  There’s a bit more explanation and background about the area as well.


Temperance and Prohibition
This website has some great historical information about the Prohibition era, as well as some primary sources you can take a look at.  A gallery of cartoons, plenty of pictures, and other materials keep this an interesting read the whole way through.  There are a few links that don’t work on the site, so it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it is still worth checking out.

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