School Library: Mythology / The Odyssey

Mythology and The Odyssey

There are a lot of wonderful websites to help you do this project -- but don't forget that there are also a LOT of books you can check out from the library as well.  Mythology is one topic the library has a lot of books on, so please use them!

There are a few different sections of the library where you can find information about your project topics:
- 292:  Mythology
- 909:  Ancient History
- 939:  Ancient Greek History
- 882:  World Literature

You can also look up specific titles in the library catalog (here).  You can also find some key resources on Ms. B's book cart; just ask to see them!

Databases are going to be incredibly useful for this project, and we have quite a few that will work for you.  Remember, everything in these databases is guaranteed to be from a reliable source! 




Theoi Greek Mythology
Especially for some of the more specific topics, this would be your best bet to start.  They cover nearly every aspect of The Odyssey, in a lot of great detail.  It's also a nice looking website, and really easy to find things on.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Encyclopedia Mythica is basically like having another database (one that's only about myths).  There are several articles about Odysseus and his adventures.  Keep an eye on how many votes each article gets -- readers vote on the most helpful ones, so you can get an idea of which articles might be best for you.

Bullfinch's The Age of Fable
The Age of Fable
is actually a book -- a very useful one.  It's such an old book that it's not copyrighted anymore, which means you can access it online, for free.  When Bullfinch says "fable" what he means are myths, specifically Greek and Roman myths.  He is very thorough, and he covers even very minor characters in myth. 

MythWeb:  Odysseus
MythWeb has a huge (huge!) collection of articles about every aspect of Greek mythology.  Their page on The Odyssey has the text in plain English, along with some explanations of each character/plot point and a pronunciation guide.

Explore Greek Myths with Percy Jackson
This website from the author of the Percy Jackson books, Rick Riordan, has a great map of the Underworld and lots of information about different gods and goddesses.

University of Cincinatti:  Troy
By far, the best Trojan War website I’ve seen.  It has a timeline of the fall of Troy, 3D reconstructions of what the city looked like at its prime, a museum of objects from the city, biographies of people involved in the Trojan War, and – best of all – a detailed roundup of which parts of the Trojan War are fact and which are legend.

Odyssey Online:  Greece
Odyssey online is actually not specifically about The Odyssey; it’s about ancient cultures, which, fortunately, include the Ancient Greeks.  This means there is a whole bunch of information about ancient Greek society, their daily life, and of course their gods, goddesses, and heroes.  It’s very interactive and fun to play around with.

History of the Trojan War
This website from Stanford University has a really detailed retelling of the Trojan War, translated from works other than The Illiad and The Odyssey.  It focuses on the women involved in the war (Helen, Clytemnestra, Penelope), so it’s an especially great resource for that.

British Museum: The Trojan War
This website from the British Museum is a great timeline and background on the Trojan War.  Each section of the timeline uses one object (a vase, a painting, etc.) to illustrate that event, so it’s a perfect place to find pictures and objects you might want to use for your gallery walk.

The Trojan War
From the University of Wisconsin, this site also focuses on objects and images that illustrate different events in the Trojan War and (a bit of) The Odyssey.  Honestly, the text can be a bit hard to read, but there are tons of great images for you to check out.

Study Guide for Homer's The Odyssey
This study guide is intended for a college class, so the language might be a little bit hard for you to understand.  However, it guides you through a lot of great questions and helps you think about each part of The Odyssey in a lot of depth. 

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