School Library: Supreme Court Cases

Mr. Jardines's Supreme Court Cases Project

We have lots of fantastic books of Supreme Court cases -- some of them are even better than the websites!

Visit our Database page to search for information about theses cases - you will find them very useful!

Court Case Websites:

By far, the coolest thing about Oyez is that you can actually hear audio files of the oral arguments.  The site also gives a quick background on the case and the decision, and a nice visual of which justices voted which way.

Landmark Cases
One major strength here is that each case page has links to the full text of the majority and dissenting opinions.  This is something you should be reading, so make sure to check it out.  Not all of your cases will be featured here (Engel, Vernonia, and Morse), but it’s a great stop for those who are.

Cornell University: Legal Information Institute
Cornell also has a great database of SCOTUS information, including Morse v. Frederick.  There's some background, and then the full text of all of the opinions.

FedWorld Supreme Court Database
There’s no background information here, but the entire text of each court case (the majority and dissenting opinions).  This is definitely heavy stuff, and a lot of the legal terminology might not make sense to you, but it’s still absolutely worth reading.


Thousands of free case briefs and other resources for both students and practicing attorneys!

History Websites:
Try these websites to get an idea of what was going on when these cases happened and what the public reaction at the time was to the decisions!

SFP Library: Primary Sources

TIME Magazine

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