School Library: Great Buildings

Mr. Kruger's Global History Honors Project


There are a few different sections of the library where you can find information about Great Buildings:
- 720: Architecture
- 940: Medieval History
- 909: The Middle Ages
- 956: History of the Middle East and the Islamic World

You can always use the library catalog to look up books.  And remember, the reference section on the balcony is a fantastic place for all of these topics. 

Also, check out our ebooks! 



Remember - databases are full of good information, from reliable sources -- use them!






Great Buildings
This is where you're required to look for your buildings, so you'll  certainly be using this website.  It's important to remember that in addition to pictures and basic information, this website also has suggested resources for every building.  Remember to scroll down to the bottom of each page and check out what the authors have recommended.

Columbia University: Medieval Architecture
Easily the coolest architecture website I've ever seen - this actually allows you to see 360 degree views of great buildings.  So now, before you write about the Cathedral of Notre Dame, you can actually see what it looks like, inside and out.

University of Washington: Cities and Buildings Database
This website is a searchable database of buildings around the world.  Use the search bar on the right side of the page to find information about your building.

Islamic Art, Music, and Architecture from Around the World
This website was made for a college course about Islamic art, so it was written by a knowledgeable professor who teaches at the University of Georgia.  The architecture section contains several great links for you to look at.  Some have pictures of great buildings, and others have information about the history of Islamic architecture.

Images of Medieval Art and Architecture

This website, which is also for a college class, has great pictures of medieval architecture from around the world.  Some of the pictures are of buildings and some are of other structures, but there is definitely a lot of information here for you to use.

Medieval Architecture from History for Kids!
This website isn't perfect; it's a little bit kiddish (I mean, it's History for Kids) and there are a lot of ads that clutter up the page.  But, it's definitely worth a visit at the beginning of your research.  It names and links to information about a ton of great buildings, so it's a nice place to start looking for information.

Islamic Architecture from History for Kids!
This is almost exactly the same the website above, but with a focus on Islamic Architecture.  Again, it's a great place to start your research: not much depth, but a great place to get ideas.

Medieval Architecture in England
This is a great website to get background information about the major architecture movements of the time period.  In easy to read language, it describes Gothic, Romanesque and other types of architecture and how they appeared in British buildings.

Asian Historical Architecture
This website is a super comprehensive database of buildings in Asia.  You'll need to select the country and city of the building you're looking for.  Each entry has some introductory information and lots of pictures.  There are very famous buildings here as well as less famous buildings, parks, ruins, etc.

Glossary for Medieval Art and Architecture
This website was also written for a college class, so a lot of the vocabulary is very advanced and won't be anything you'll need to use.  However, if you get stuck on an unfamiliar word in something you're reading, this is a great place to look it up.

A Digital Archive of Architecture: Gothic Architecture

Lots of photos, blueprints, and drawings of Early Gothic and High Gothic architecture.

Famous Buildings from Information Please
This page is basically a giant list of famous buildings in the ancient world.  Each building in linked to its own page of information and also to a giant timeline of ancient history (so you can get a better sense of when things were built). 

Angor What?  Angor Wat!
This page is specific to Angor Wat, but has lots of information about the history and architecture of the Cambodian temple.

Mughal Architecture
This is just a page of links to information about the Taj Mahal.  It's annotated (so the person making the list tells you a bit about what's behind each link) and very easy to use.  A great resource if the Taj Mahal is one of your buildings.


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