School Library: Confucius and Buddha

Mr. Correira's Global History I Projects


There are a few different sections of the library where you can find information about Buddha and Confucius:
- 934: Indian history
- Biography (at the far West end of the library; remember, biographies don't have numbers)
- 260: World religions
- 294: Buddhism
- 299: Confucianism
- 931: Chinese history

You can always use the library catalog to look up books.  And remember, the reference section on the balcony is a fantastic place for all of these topics. 

Not surprisingly, contains a great deal of information about Confucius -- there's a biography, a suggested reading list (mostly books, but some links you might find helpful), pictures, the text of several important speeches, and also the full text of the Lun Yu, the sayings of Confucius.

The biographical information itself is not very comprehensive, but there a few videos on this site discussing Confucius's life.  Overall, it's a good quick introduction to Confucius.

Confucius Biography
The biography here is also very short, but click on the links to related topics (Confusianism, Confusius, Ancient China) for more information.  There is a lot here; make sure you click around to get it.  It's also written for kids, so it's much easier to understand than some of the other websites listed here.

Confucius Google Doodle
In 2009, Google changed the picture on (the Google Doodle) in honor of Confucius.  This article describes what the Google Doodle means and also gives some information about Confucius's life. 

Confucius: The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This is from a college level research book, so it might be a bit difficult to read.  However, it has an enormous amount of information, and if you're looking for a specific fact, it might be good to search through. 

Confucius: The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Like the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, this article is written for adults and is not easy to read.  However, it is very detailed, and like the other encyclopedia article, would be great for searching for specific facts.


The Life of the Buddha
This page is for a college philosophy class, so it's written for college students.  It might be a bit hard to read, but there is a lot of information here, so it's worth a try!   

The Life of the Buddha (Powerpoint)
This is actually a Powerpoint presentation.  It's also for a college class, but this time it's a religion class.  It's very long, but easy to understand, and there are great pictures.

Buddha – from
There’s a good introductory biography here.  It’s not going to be all the information you need to do your project, but it’s easy to read and should get you started.  There is also a bibliography and a list of links for further reading.

Buddha Biography 
From, this is a longer and more in-depth biography of Buddha.  It’s still easy to understand, but there is a lot of information here.  It’s pretty comprehensive.

Buddha Quotes
In addition to learning about Buddha’s life, why not take a look at the things he said.  What was it about his sayings that made people want to follow him?  Now you can see for yourself.

Life of the Buddha from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Since Buddha was such a pivotal figure in the ancient world, there is a lot of art made about him.  This website form the Met is a great collection of sculpture and artifacts that show Buddha and scenes from his life.

The Art of the Buddha: PBS
This collection of Buddha art focuses on different representations of Buddha from different parts of the world.  This website and the videos on it shows how different cultures viewed Buddha – and the art is very beautiful.



Remember - databases are full of good information, from reliable sources -- use them!



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