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Register (click here for the protected password doc) and then create your own account in NoodleTools - we pay for it so you don't have to! It is the BEST way to manage your research and your citations and it even formats your Works Cited page for you automatically! Come see me in the library if you need help, or email/call ([email protected]/718 423 8810 x 265) and we will set up a Google Meet to get you started. 

MLA Resources:

Owl - from Purdue University

EasyBib - MLA

MLA Style Center from the Modern Language Association

Common Works Cited Entries

Print Book:

Author Last Name, Author First Name. Title of Book. Publisher, Year of 



Jacobs, Alan. The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction. Oxford

               UP, 2011. 


Author Last Name, Author First Name. "Article Title." Periodical Title, 

               Date Abbreviated Month. Year, pp. X-X.


Williams, Joy. "Rogue Territory." The New York Times Book Review

               9 Nov. 2014, pp. 10-13.


Author Last Name, Author First Name. "Title of Web Page." Title of 

               Web Site, Date Abbreviated Month. Year, URL/permalink/



Deresiewicz, William. "The Death of the Artist - and the Birth of the 

               Creative Entrepreneur." The Atlantic, 28 Dec. 2014, www.the



*A Few Notes:

-  Works Cited page is all double spaced, but do not add extra spaces 

          between citations or between the title and the first citation

- Do not underline, bold, or otherwise embellish the title of the Works 

          Cited page

-  Use a Hanging Indent (only the first line of each citation is aligned 

          with the left margin, subsequent lines in that citation are indented)

 -  Organize your citations alphabetically by whichever word starts the 

          citation (title or author)

  In-Text Citations

In-text citations are meant to direct the reader to your source as unobtrusively as possible, therefore they are short and specific.


(Author Last Name Page).


(Irving 223).

*Special Situations:

  • If you mention the author's name in the lead up, then you only need the page number (223).
  • If there is no page number, such as with most websites, leave it out completely (Irving).
  • If you have two authors with the same last name, add a first initial (J. Irving 223).
  • If you have two works from the same author, add a shortened version of the title (Irving, "A Prayer" 223). 
  • If you are mentioning information that is repeated in two sources by different authors, cite both in the same parenthetical statement separated by a semicolon (Irving 223; Rushdie 174).
  • If your source has coauthors, both last names go in the in-text citation, connected by and (Irving and Rushdie 27). 
  • If your source has 3 or more authors, put the first author's last name and then "et al." (Irving et al. 271).
  • If your source has a corporate author, you can abbreviate in the in-text citation (United States, Dept. of Labor 132). 

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