Prep is Spiritual

SFP affirms its Catholic identity every day. Our students value all of God's creation and live the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. #Golden Links

Prep is Social

The SFP Music Program of Distinction and the Visual Arts Program of Distinction honor the arts as an expressive, creative art form. These accredited programs are unique for a Catholic high school. #Golden Links

Prep is Social

At Prep students are members of our school, our city, our nation, and our world. We value the unique contribution each person makes to all the Prep communities. #Golden Links

Prep is Physical

At SFP teams respect the unique contributions of each athlete. Our players develop a strong sense of teamwork and comradery. #Golden Links

Prep is Intellectual

St. Francis Prep is a Catholic, college preparatory school in the Franciscan tradition. #Golden Links

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Principal's Newsletter

July 31, 2017

“If you hit a wrong note, then make it right by what you play afterwards.”
Joe Pass, Musician

We celebrated the 159th graduating class from SFP on Saturday, June 3rd, at Carnesecca Arena on the campus of St. John’s University. A great day for Catholic Education: 633 young men and women graduating from one of the finest high schools in New York City!  Earning over $158 million in scholarships, our graduates are in position to excel at the next level of education and continue to spread the spirit of St. Francis.  I commend their teachers, parents, and guardians for their outstanding mentoring, patience, and guidance over the past four years. As I stated to the graduates at the ceremony, “It is now time for you to commence, time to move on, time to take on new challenges, time to meet new people, and time to lead by setting your goals higher. And remember, real leadership starts with the capacity to discipline your disappointment. With any journey worth taking, you are going to encounter obstacles, and odds are, you are going to face some failure. You will find a way to break through those challenges to be successful. We will never be together like this again; let us cherish the moment and appreciate the relationships forged over the past four years. I encourage each one of you to chase something you love and do it with respect, responsibility, pride, and focus. I recommend not to follow your passion but bring it with you as you move through college and into your career. Today is the day of ceremony and celebration; tomorrow is the day to dream, to explore, and to discover a new journey….”
High School is 4 years; St. Francis Prep is Forever!

Mr. McLaughlin