Prep is Spiritual

SFP affirms its Catholic identity every day. Our students value all of God's creation and live the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. #Golden Links

Prep is the Future

Prep Seniors signing the beam for the new Music and Phys-Ed wing!

Prep is Intellectual

At SFP we provide opportunities for students to achieve full academic potential. Personal interests and talents make college and career choices clear. #Golden Links

Prep is Intellectual

St. Francis Prep is a Catholic, college preparatory school in the Franciscan tradition. #Golden Links

Prep is Social

The SFP Music Program of Distinction and the Visual Arts Program of Distinction honor the arts as an expressive, creative art form. These accredited programs are unique for a Catholic high school. #Golden Links

Games for 12/14/2018

Basketball Freshman-Boys
Basketball JV-Boys
SFP 5:45
Basketball Varsity-Boys
SFP 7:30

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Principal's Newsletter

November 2018

“When you extinguish hope, you create desperation.”
Abraham Lincoln

From the Desk of Mr. McLaughlin:

The month of November began with our Annual Alumni Memorial Mass on November 4th to remember those graduates and their family members who are deceased.  Starting on November 13th, faculty, staff, and students engaged in another very successful Donation Drive for our sponsor organizations. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Thanksgiving Drive! A special thanks to the members of our Campus Ministry Team for organizing this great event! Once again, our true Franciscan spirit came shining through for those that need the help most. As we leave the many blessings of the Thanksgiving season behind us, we set our sights on the Advent season in preparation of Christmas. We now await and prepare for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.

This month’s Newsletter will include stories that are inspiring and demonstrate why SFP is one of the finest schools in NYC!

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