Prep is the Future

Prep Seniors signing the beam for the new Music and Phys-Ed wing!

Prep is Social

At Prep students are members of our school, our city, our nation, and our world. We value the unique contribution each person makes to all the Prep communities. #Golden Links

Prep is Intellectual

At SFP we provide opportunities for students to achieve full academic potential. Personal interests and talents make college and career choices clear. #Golden Links

Prep is Physical

Our focus is the whole person. We inspire students to develop their God given gifts and to respect the abilities of all. #Golden Links

Prep is Spiritual

SFP affirms its Catholic identity every day. Our students value all of God's creation and live the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. #Golden Links

Games for 9/16/2019

Soccer JV B-Boys
Syosset HS 4:15
Volleyball JV-Girls
@Xavierian 4:15
Tennis Girls A
Terry Farrell Park 4pm
St. Anthony A
Soccer Varsity-Girls
4:30 St. Mary's HS
St. Mary's
Volleyball Varsity-Girls
@Xavierian 5:30

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Principal's Newsletter

Principal's Newsletter

Summer 2019

The Prep never sleeps!
Mr. McLaughlin


As we ready for the 2019-20 school year, let’s look back at the various activities and trips our students were engaged in during July and August. In addition, close to 1000 elementary and middle school students participated in one of our sports camps or summer academies.


We will e-mail student schedules for the first semester before the first day of classes. Please be sure your child downloads his or her schedule. Please have your child save a copy to his or her iPad and print a copy. The first day of classes is Friday, 6 September. We will begin at 8:25 with A period with the regular day 1 schedule. H period classes will begin on Monday, 9 September.

Students with questions about their schedule can see Mr. Castellano on Wednesday, 4 September, or Thursday, 5 September. We remind you and your child that the last day to request course changes was Friday, 28 June. There are no course changes now.

We wish you and your family a successful and wonderful school year ahead. All the best.

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