Cheerleading Freshman


Ms. O'Neill

Team Schedule

Danielle Vespertino: Coach

Katie Markart: Coach
Update for: Cheerleading Freshman

The following girls have made the 2016-2017 freshmen cheerleading team.  
The freshmen coaches will be sending an email with the upcoming practice schedule.  
Alissa Banfield
Nicole Partinico
Anna Sifneos
Nina Bianca Leone
Caitlin Begley
Nina Kinzer
Catherine Torres
Rafaella Petti 
Desoina Sgouros 
Raquel Patterson
Erika Sanchez
Ryan Hobson
Gabriella Mesuraca
Sierra Vadala
Grace O'Neill 
Sophia Salcedo
Jenna Ross
Stella Zoitas 
Juliana Izzo
Vicky Malatos
Mikayla  Fiocca
Victoria Miralla


Tryouts will be on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th at 4pm in the gym.

See Ms. O'Neill in W007 or the Social Studies office if you missed the tryout information meetings.

Thank you to everyone who came to the tryout yesterday. We know it is not easy to learn and perform in the same day.  We are proud of your hard work this summer.   Congratulations to the following individuals who made the Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams.

As a reminder, there will be team meeting/practice today and Thursday, August 25th for both the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams from 6:00 – 8:00.  In addition, there is still tumbling both today (5:00 – 6:00) and Thursday (5:00 – 6:00 and 6:00 – 7:00) for those who have been attending this summer.

For those who made the Freshman team, an email will be sent in the next couple of days to let you know when the 1st team meeting/practice will be.

Alexandra Muro Kaitlyn Han
Alexandra Scala Katherine Giaramita
Angelica Pallas Katrina Bodh
Cassandra Henry Kelly Lee
Dana Guerra Kimberly Monahan
Daniella DeBlasi Lena Vella
Dayanne Gomez Mallony Cardona
Dyavian McDowell Michaela Turck
Eden Thomas-Lutchmedial Michelle Doherty
Gina Yacavone Oliva Perez-Fung
Giselle Diaz Samanatha Mack
Hannah O'Connell Samantha Reinhardt
Jacqueline DeFalco Sofia Linardos
Jasmine McLean Taylor Anderson
Jennifer Ekwebelem Vanessa Blando
Julia Lipari Zoe Kaouris
                    JUNIOR VARSITY
Alexis Chrisohoidis Jennifer Chen
Anastasia Hernandez Kalissa LaFoucade
Aryee McGirt Kathryn Healy
Ava Occhipinti Kayla Terry 
Britney Schpak Megan Monaghan
Caroline Duggan Melanie Curto
Cristina Leone Monica Shimm
Danyel Christopher Nina Cyrus
Eileen McLaughlin Raven Ottley
Eleni Garuffi Ronide Gelin
Erin McGuirk Sabrina Halaka
Imani Johnson Sally Lee
Irene Samaras Savannah Holsey 
Jada Feliciano Stefanie Sarac
Jenna Fiocca Valentina Gioe
Jenna Muro Victoria Zhang
Anna Sifneos Raquel Patterson
Caitlin Begley Ryan Hobson
Despina Sgourous Sophia Salcedo
Juliana Izzo Stella Zoitas
Mikayla Fiocca

Following is information regarding tryouts on Monday, August 22nd:

  • We will begin at 4:00 PM in the gym with the learning of the cheer and dance.  All those trying out will be split into 2 groups.  1/2 will learn the dance and the remainder will learn the cheer.    At  5:00 PM, you will switch groups and learn the opposite material.  It will take approximately 30 minutes to teach the cheer and dance. This will allow a 30 minute open workshop for questions and practice.
  • During the above time, we will be asking you to create groups of 4.  All returning Varsity members must sign up for the 1st groups, followed by returning Junior Varsity, returning Freshman, and the last groups will be for those who are new to the program.
  • Learning of the material/open workshops will end at 6:00 PM and judging will begin promptly at 6:30 PM.  After your group is judged you are free to leave.
  • Judging will consist of the following:
  1. Appearance - Please make sure you are dressed appropriately with no jewelry and hair tied back.  Nails may not be longer than finger length
  2. Cheer 
  3. Dance
  4. Sideline
  5. 2 Jumps - All returning members must perform a double toe-touch and a pike.  All others, must perform a single or a double toe-touch and a pike 
  6. Overall Impression
  • Results will be sent via email and be posted on the school cheer website by noon on Tuesday, August 23rd.
  • If you make the JV or Varsity teams, there will be practice from 6 - 8 on Tuesday, August 23rd and Thursday, August 25th.
  • As previously stated at previous workshops, during the parent meeting, and via e-mail, ALL Varsity and JV members are expected to attend camp.  The camp dates are Sunday, August 28th through Wednesday, August 31st.  We will depart at 7:00 AM on Sunday and return approximately 4:00 PM on Wednesday.  Additional information (i.e. what to bring, waiver, etc....) will be sent regarding camp after tryouts.
If you or your parents have any questions, please contact either Kara ( or myself.

Thank you, 




*Open Workshops will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8pm beginning July 5th, 2016 through Thursday, August 18th, 2016*

These workshops are not mandatory; however, you are encouraged to attend.In addition to improving current skills, we will be working on new skills which will be incorporated into your routine.  If you are unable to attend a workshop please email Kara at



Incoming Freshmen must submit their medical and a signed BLUE card to the nurse in order to be cleared

SOPH/JUNIORS/SENIORS-An email was sent to your parents regarding sports medicals.  All returning members must have a physical completed in order to participate in a fall sport.  Once your physical is complete and a YELLOW card is turned into the nurse's office, please contact Kara so we may follow up regarding your clearance.  Physicals should be completed and cards submitted by Friday, August 12th

Congratulations! The following people have made the 2015-2016 Team.

Freshmen team first practice will be on Tuesday, October 6th 2015 from 4:30 to 6:30. Come in practice clothes.  


Julianna Kapovic                              Zoe Kaouris

Junior Varsity

First practice is Tuesday, October 6th from 6-9pm.

Amiya Boyd                        Mileni Casal

Christina Colletti               Nina Cyrus

Heather Kane                    Sally Lee

Jenna Fiocca                      Samantha Mack

Karina De Los Santos                     Stefanie Sarac


Alecea Todisco                 Jamie O'Donovan

Alexa Kritikos                    Jennifer Ekwebelem

Anastasia Hernandez                    Kalissa Lafoucade

Aryee McGirt                     Kathryn Ruiz

Ava Occhipinti                  Kayla Terry

Brigette Houston                            Kristen Mcquaid

Caroline Cartagena                         Micaela Salerno

Clara Lucchese                 Natalia Kulis

Cristina Dusmet                Nicole Sanchez

Dominique Taylor              Elle Katsanais

Emily Driscoll                     Erin McGuirk

Erin Shields                         Isabella Bezjian

Zhamia Nunez                    Yunqui Jiang

Samantha Muscat             Ronide Gelin

Rojani Cooper                   Raven Ottley

Freshmen team first practice will be on Tuesday, October 6th from 4:30 to 6:30. Ccome in practice clothes.  

Any Freshmen girl or boy interested in trying out for Freshmen Cheerleading there will be a meeting on Friday, September 18th 2015 in W007.

Any questions see Ms. O'Neill in W007


Congratulations! The following people have made the 2014-2015 Freshmen Team. Please note that there will be a mandatory meeting and practice on Tuesday, October 14th from 5-7PM. Please meet by the gym and you must e-mail Jessica and Kristina at to confirm your attendance.

Alanah Durant

Maranda Seebarran

Alexis Chrisohoidis

Maryah Nunez

Ariana Andrade

Melanie Curto

Candace McPherson

Michaela Turch

Cristina Leone

Michelle Figueroa

Daniella DeBlasi

Olivia Silvestri

Danielle Blascovich

Priscilla Estevez

Gina Yacovone

Sabrina Frogiero

Giselle Diaz

Sabrina Gagliardo

Hannah O'Connell

Sade Rowe

Imani Johnson

Sofia Palatianos

Jasmine Norris

Taylor Anderson

Lena Vella

Trinity Aiken

Mallony Cardona

Valeria Cardona





Cheerleading Try-Out Results


The following is a list of girls who have made the 2013-2014 Cheerleading Teams.  Please note the meeting time for each time and report to the scheduled meeting/practice. 

Please e-mail Kara at to confirm your attendance. 

Please include your name and which team you made.

Varsity-Please come to practice on Sunday from 11AM-2PM.

1.  Paola Guevara

Junior Varsity-Please come to practice on Sunday from 6PM-9PM.

1.  Alexandra Muro

2.  Mackenzie Licul

3.  Alexandra Scala

4.  Samantha Reinhardt

5.  Emma Foynes

Freshmen-Please come to an information meeting and practice on Tuesday from 6PM-8:30PM in the gym.

1.  Nyasia Angevine                      14. Kelly Lee

2.  Dyavian McDowell                  15. Kaitlyn Han

3.  Julia Lipari                              16. Kacie Byrne

4.  Gia-Nina Gonzalez                  17. Olivia Fabizi

5.  Amaya Okogeri                       18. Maria Petsanas

6.  Cassandra Henry                    19. Fabiana Gagliardo

7.  Sophia Rossi                           20. Emily Ko

8.  Tiffany Montesdeoca             21. Michelle Doherty

9.  Ajeta Mujaj                            22. Tatiana Aguirre-Amaya

10.              Katlhleen Powers             23. Nina Tavarone

11.              Vanessa Blando               24. Gianna Kuzmicki

12.              Christal Taormina          25. Victoria Deblasi

13.              Corinne Scheer

rleading Try-Out Results


The following is a list of girls who have made the 2013-2014 Cheerleading Teams.

Please note the meeting time for each team

and report to the scheduled meeting/practice.

E-mail Kara at to confirm your attendance.

Please include your name and which team you made.


Please come to practice on Sunday from 11AM-2PM.

1.       Paola Guevara


Please come to practice on Sunday from 6PM-9PM.

1.       Alexandra Muro

2.       Mackenzie Licul

3.       Alexandra Scala

4.       Samantha Reinhardt

5.       Emma Foynes

Freshmen-Please come to an information meeting and practice on Tuesday from 6PM-8:30PM in the gym.

1.       Nyasia Angevine

2.       Dyavian McDowell

3.       Julia Lipari

4.       Gia-Nina Gonzalez

5.       Amaya Okogeri

6.       Cassandra Henry

7.       Sophia Rossi

8.       Tiffany Montesdeoca

9.       Ajeta Mujaj

10.    Katlhleen Powers

11.    Vanessa Blando

12.    Christal Taormina

13.    Corinne Scheer

14.    Kelly Lee

15.    Kaitlyn Han

16.    Kacie Byrne

17.    Olivia Fabizi

18.    Maria Petsanas

19.    Fabiana Gagliardo

20.    Emily Ko

21.    Michelle Doherty

22.    Tatiana Aguirre-Amaya

23.    Nina Tavarone

24.    Gianna Kuzmicki

25.    Victoria Deblasi