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Mr. Woods

Team Schedule

Mr. Ed Woods: Head Coach

Brandon Magenheim: Assistant Coach
Update for: Cross-Country Track-Boys


We will be meeting and leaving school at 11:11

Varsity race: Dean, Marco, Jack, Glenn, Dawson, Buckley, Kobe

JV Lampa, Jaleel, Brendon, Andrew,



Sophs: 2nd place in Brooklyn Queens.  Just one point shy of being champions  Great job all around  You guys ran hard, and ran your best  we just came up a bit short.  But dont be to upset you will have plenty of chances to get back to the top.  IN two weeks we have the Soph CHSAA State Champs and after looking at the results fo the NY section we could be right in the mix for a top three placing with St Anthony Chaminade and Kellenberg,  Our times were right there with Xavie and st joes.  At that meet we should be able to pass Xaverian as the field will be beigger.  If everyone can drop their times 15 seconds we might be able to move really high up. I think overall the times were slow because of the 85 degree weather at race time.

Dean 14:26 BROOKLYN QUEENS CHAMPION.  Great race, you have worked so hard between soccer and cross. Enjoy this victory

Marcos15:12 good run out there you have come along way and its showing. 

Jack 15:17: I think the heat might have hit you harder than anyone else, but you ran well and did your job to be in the top part of the pack.  You have a few more races left and with the weather coolign down you should be ready to fly.  You have put so much work in I know yourtime will comee down.  Great job Jack. I know you were a bit dissapointed but we have come along way since a year ago and we have a long way to go but this team is special and you are a big part of that 

Kobe: 16:07.  Great job  Your time keeps coming down and I think its because you are treating the races and practice more seriously.  Great job  lets finish the season with a sub 16.  We would not have been this close to a championship without you 

Alex 16:47  A nice drop but you can do better.  I know you have a low 16 in you. but you ran a good race and did the job of beating xaverians number five guy.  For us to move up in the soph state rankings though we will need you to step up a bit more. Lets get two weeks of good running and make that happen 

Andrew 18:20  You have so much potential. But you need more work. I want you to be a contributor btu that takes alot.  LEts start doing that for indoors 

Suffolk Coaches Invitational

You guys are looking real strong.  Your all improving by leaps and bounds and I believe its because you are all working together, getting your runs and and have finally realized that you are ALL important  We will take next staurday off from racing but will race the following Wednesday at the soph bq champs. (Theres a VArsity Race) that day as well.  BUT that means we got a good week of practice workout Monday Wed Friday and SATURDAY. YES SATURDAY. BEfore Open House.  We dont know what will happen with Zalen but right now you guys Molloy and Xaverian are going to go head to head if we can all drop just a bit more in the next three weeks we can still win the Varsity BQ Title.  Its not over yet!!!!  SOPHS we have a week and a half before the SOph BQ CHAMPS!!!  KOBE HAD A BIG DROP WE ARE GREAT FROM 1,2,3, BUT WE NOW HAVE A SOLID NUMBER 4  WE ARE IN THE RUNNING  LETS BRING THE TITLE HOME.

Dean: 18:32:    20 second drop from two weeks ago Great job.  You are ready to run a fast time at the soph bq champs.  Your goal will be to go head to head with the top molloy kid for the bq title.  lets get a couple of workouts in this week and do something special in a week and a half

Marco 19:21  25 second drop. Great job.  This is definitly your sport.  jeep working hard you will have a good race at soph bq champs. Your going under 15 and will be in the top 5 

Jack 19:30  15 second drop. you rhard work is paying off top 5 at bq champs 

Dawson 20:11.  First time at Sunken meadow this year a good start keep it going you will be under 15 next week youll see 

Joe 20:49   Not a good race but it happens just keep doing what you are doing you WILL run fast soon 

Glenn 20:51:  Better than last time but just a bit.  Amke sure you are running this weekend 

Johnathon 21:39: better needed 

All Hollows Invitational

JV AND SOPHS are gettign better but more work and intensity needed 

Jaleel 16:14  Not a great race but I know youll get back to sub 16

Kobe 16:34  MUCH MUCH BETTER. but you can drop a bit more  you have a week and a half lets make a big push for a sub 1610 

Brendon 17:19. Not a good race you know that lets get it together for the next one 

Alex 17:54 We need better  this type of run next week will hurt us for the title.  We need you to make every effort to get under 17.  

Andrew 1802: better  lets work hard and finish under 1730 for the season

Friday October7

Please be at the school at 2:10

All Freshman plus Kobe, Alex, Jaleel, AndrewB, Michael V, Brendon


Suffolk COaches Invitational

Please be at the school at 11:00 am 

Athletes running are: Dean, jack, Marco, Dawson, joseph, Johnathon, and Glenn 

Mayors Cup 


Fordham Prep Invitational 

JV Race

Glen: 15:25  WOW!!! where did that come from????  I am a little speachless.  (No I am not!!)  This is a great time for you.  This means you can run under 15 by the end of the season.  But it will take some work.  You are not at your full potential yet.  But you can be in the next 7 weeks.   This time though shows that you can be a good runner if you commit yourself.  You may break into the top 7 this season but even if you do not you will b ein our top five next year and you will become a big contributor for this team.  If you apply yourself you can be a real difference maker for us this year and definitly next year.  Do NOT let this time get to your head lets get a good two weeks of practice before your next meet here at VCP and lets make a good run at a sub 14.  

jaleel: 15:57  Nice job getting under 16. I know your a little banged up but unfortuanatly because we are in the heart fo the season we can not afford to shut you down for a week.  You will just have to run through the pain.  But keep icing and taking care of yourself.  sub 15:30 soon.  You can run with glenn. Lets make that happen 

Brenden: 16:41 Not where you should be. You should be closer to Glenn and Jaleel.  No mroe missing days the rest of the way.  You should do everythign you can to get under 16 by the end of the season

Alex Kobe: 17:03 17:19. Better than 2 weeks ago BUT it is NOT enough.  Ask yourself a question have you done everything you can to prepare for this meet?  Did you give this race everything you had.  If the answer is yes. You are probably not being hinest. If the Answer is NO. Then do something about it.  With the way you ran today we are the second best soph team in the league. With you running the way I believe you can we are the best.  1710 will NOT cut it.  Dont let the top three guys down!!!!  You have a shot at a championship BUT you only have 20 days to get ready.  GET IT TOGETHER!!!! running is supposed to be hard work start putting it in.  

Andrew: 18:05 You can do better.  but you must get your runs in on the weekend and fridays. it wont just happen


SUFFOLK Coaches Invitational 

Varsity: The Varsity BQ Championship is getting closer by the day.  Its us and Molloy with Xaverian and Mcclancy closing in.  If the race was today we would have a slight edge.  But its the next four weeks that will decide it.  If you want this title than you will all have to contribute numbers 1 through 10.  Run the weekends.  Next week we will split up some guys will run Thursday at the Fordham meet and the Varsity top 7 (Which has 3 Sophs in it) will run at the Mayors cup on Sunday  this si a big week of practice we will be getting in 3 workouts Please make sure you are there. Including the practice after the walkathon on Friday.  This may be our make or break week.Lets go for it. 

Zalen 18:22- A much better race from last week. If you can go out like that in the top part of the field at VCP you will run sub 1345 next week. You goal shoudl still be to win the Varisty Crown at the BQ championship its you a loughlin and a molloy kid.

Need this week of practice and make sure you run Fridays and Sunday s

Joe: 20:15 Not a bad run for your first time at Sunken Meadow  next week on SUnday VCP you should be able to handle those hills much better.  Need a good week of practice

Jaleel: 20:22  Very good run overall and a big drop from last week.  You can becoem a game changer for us if you can drop your time under 1530 (Which I think you can) but you need to running every day.  You will race Thursday lets try to go out a bit harder and see how you do 

Johnathon: This is your first tiem at Sunken Meadow so overall not bad but you can run faster.  You will race next Sunday lets go under 15:40 

Glenn: an improvment but you can do better.  You have to go out a bit harder.  Under 16 at VCP this Thursday

Soph: As a whole you guys did very well after looking at results from the Xavier meet  it is very close between us and Molloy and Xaverian for the Soph title.  Keep working hard but it must be a full effort. Kobe Lampa you will make the difference 

Dean: 18:53 Huge drop from a week ago.  Going out harder helped you.  with VCP being shorter going out that hard will drop your time.  In the league right now Molloy has one kid faster than you it will take a sub 1410 to win the individual title.  I AM SURE YOU CAN DO THAT. I AM SURE YOU CAN WIN GOING HEAD TO HEAD WITH HIM.  

Jack: 19:45 Very good run.  Your fitness is showing right now in a big way.  Get ready to break 15 very very soon.  your Goal will be to be in the top 4 or 5 at the soph bq championships . 

Marco: 19:46 Great run much much more of a controlled race you and jack worked well out there  Both of you will be under 15 very soon.  Keep working hard. Your fitness is startign to come out.  Make sure you are running on Fridays and Sundays 

Alex: 22:32 Improvement from two weeks ago BUT we need better  its going to be a tough fight between us Molloy and Xaverian WE NEED YOU

Regis Invitational


As a team we look decent but that doesnt mean we look good either We have some SERIOUS work to do but I cant do it for you. YOU all need to be running on Fridays &Sundays.  You can win the Varsity and Soph BQ Title but its not going to just happen  ITS a full team effort all of you are important numbers 1 through 10 lets work TOGETHER and make that happen. Next week we go to Sunken Meadow for another 5k  lets work hard this week and when we come back to VCP in 2 weeks lets get ready to see massive improvements.  

Varsity: Zalen 14:41 - As we spoke at the meet you are to good of a runner to be in the back part of the race.  there was a cathedral and mcclancy kid right with you in terms of your times.  the only way to be the best runner in the league is to run with the best runners. YOU NEED TO RUN THE RACE NOT JUS GET THRU IT 

Dawson 1523: Hopefully this is just because it was your first XC race in a while lets get a good week of running and come back to VCP in two weeks and run in the mid 14s 

 Buckley 1550 a big improvement from last year but you can run faster 

Johnathon 1612: NOT where you should be you need to take the workouts more serious and push the race 

Junior: Jaleel 1619 Glen 1627: A decent start for you two RUN the weekends and the goal for the end of the season will be to run in the 1450s 

SOPH: Dean 1447- A good start for the VCP season. Make but you are behind some of the other runners in the league need to make sure you are getting your mileage in after soccer 

Jack 15:19 A minute improvement from last year you are putting int he work and its starting to show good start 

Marco 1537 In many ways you are still learning how to race I like your aggressivness but you need to start earning how to pace yourself good job 

 Kobe 17:41 Alex 1752: You TWO are in better shape than this and your times NEED to get better we have a solid 123 on the soph level but you are brining us down we need you at leats under 17 BUT the only way to get there is through hard work you need to start pushing yourself on workouts and take this more serious its not just going to magically happen 

 Andrew 1854: MORE WORK NEEDED xc is supposed to be fun but it takes hard work lets start doing it 

The following roster is the team for the 2016 season.  Thank you all for trying out. If you did not make the team you are heavily encouraged to continue to come to practices and get your self in shape for indoors.  Tryouts for the indoor team will be the third week in November.  

Varisty:                                          JV:                                         Freshman 

Dawson Durant                             Alex Lampa                        Jayson Cevallos

Johnathon Dinh                            Kobe Hall                              Daniel Diaz

Zalen Nelson                                 Michael Valenzuela            Chris Doukas

Jack Lynch                                    Andrew bacile                     Jackson Lerner

Constantinos Athalios                Jaleel Abdul                        Diego Llanos

Glenn Fiocca                                  Marco                                   Tyler Marshall

Brendon Quiboloy                                                                        Enrique Santiago

                                                                                                          Angelo Senerchia

                                                                                                           Aiden Vasiurogers

                                                                                                          Andreas Shita

                                                                                                          Anthony Salazar