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Date Team Opponent Location

4/30/2017  Outdoor Track-Girls Frosh-Soph Intersectional Championship Icahn Stadium - 9:00 a.m. Home

5/1/2017  Baseball JV A Molloy @Molloy 4 pm Away

5/1/2017  Volleyball Varsity-Boys St. John Baptist @SJB 4:15 Away

5/1/2017  Lacrosse-Girls St. Mary's St. Mary's @ 4:00pm Away

5/1/2017  Tennis Boys Fordham Prep Fordham Univ. 4 pm Away

5/1/2017  Golf Varsity St. Edmund's Marine Park Away

5/1/2017  Softball Varsity MOLLOY CUNNINGHAM PK-#8 3:45 pm Home

5/1/2017  Softball JV XAVERIAN CUNNINGHAM PK # 8 4pm Home

5/1/2017  Baseball Varsity MOLLOY HOME@CUNNINGHAM PARK FIELD #19 4PM Home

5/1/2017  Handball Varsity Holy Cross St. Francis: 5:00 p.m. Start Home

5/1/2017  Handball JV Holy Cross St. Francis: 5:00 p.m. Start Home

5/2/2017  Golf Varsity Holy Cross North Shore Towers Away

5/2/2017  Baseball JV A Christ the King @JUNIPER VALLEY PARK 4PM Away

5/2/2017  Softball JV FONTBONNE HALL CUNNINGHAM PK- #8 4pm Home

5/2/2017  Baseball Varsity CHRIST THE KING HOME@CUNNINGHAM PARK FIELD #19 4PM Home

5/2/2017  Baseball JV B KELLENBERG @KELLENBERG 4:15 Away

5/2/2017  Handball Varsity Molloy Molloy Away

5/2/2017  Handball JV Molloy Molloy Away

5/3/2017  Baseball JV A Xaverian Shore Road 4 pm Away

5/3/2017  Volleyball Varsity-Boys Kellenberg @SFP 4:15 Home

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