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Leona Lewis: Music Review

By By: Mark Hannigan 13

Leona Lewis’s musical career began in 2006 after she won the third season of X-Factor receiving a £1 million recording deal for her efforts. November of 2007 marked the release of her first album, Spirit. Spirit reached number one in 2007 on the United States Billboard 200 album list and went platinum. This album contained her famous hits Better in Time and Bleeding Love. As the album’s leading song, Bleeding Love managed to reach number one on the charts in 34 different countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. This made it the second song in the world to accomplish this feat, Elton John’s Candle in the Wind being the first. With 9 million downloads worldwide, Bleeding Love is in the top 5 sold songs for the 2000 to 2009 decade.

Echo, Leona’s second album, was released in November of 2009. It reached thirteenth in the United States Billboard 200 in 2009 for sales. While not as popular in the United States, the album’s lead single topped the charts in the United Kingdom. Echo went platinum in the United Kingdom as well. The album’s second single, I Got You, was written to be a cousin to Bleeding Love, but it did not receive the same fame and accolades as the hit single making it to only fourteenth on the United Kingdom charts. Another single from the album, My Hands, was used in the video game Final Fantasy XIII.

On October 12, 2012, Leona Lewis released her newest album, Glassheart to the world. It is currently number three on the United Kingdom charts. Recording for the album began in late 2010 with a planned release in late 2011. However, Leona delayed it to allow more time for recordings and inspirations to late 2012. The album’s first single, Collide, was released in 2011 and reached fifth in the United Kingdom charts and first in the Billboard: Hot Dance Club Songs chart. The album’s lead single is Trouble. The album’s title song, Glassheart, came after a chain of slow ballads and brought an up-tempo beat into the album.

For the last six years, Leona Lewis has been producing music that has been chart toppers throughout Europe. Since the beginning of her fame in 2006’s X-Factor, Leona’s songs have become staples in British and American music due to the success of Bleeding Love. Leona Lewis is an impressive artist whose music career will continue for years to come.