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SFP National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2013

By Amanda Puitiza 14

On January 22nd 2013, the newly accepted juniors and seniors were inducted into the SFP National Honor Society. It was an unforgettable night for the new members who received the medals they will wear at graduation. It is not easy to make it into this prestigious society. Students must meet these requirements: above a 90 overall average, one honors class, must be either a junior or senior, have leadership character and have service hours in school and outside in the community. All members of the National Honor Society keep up their grades, continually volunteer and even participate in groups. Their ability to balance all these things is probably their most distinct quality.

To kick off the ceremony, the Chamber Orchestra played a rendition of the national anthem. Afterwards, Father Bill delivered some of his funniest anecdotes. The guest speaker was our very own Mr. Robert Johnston of the Music Department. NHS President Stefanie Wolf ’13, Vice President Andrea Asencio ’13 and Treasurer Aishvarya Arora ’13 each gave a speech on the qualities of the average NHS member: scholarship, character, leadership and service. Mark Hannigan ’13, NHS member, led the new members in the induction pledge.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Bechtle announced the name of each newly elected member. Each member went up on stage to shake Mr. McLaughlin’s hand and to receive his/her medal. Dr. Christian Sullivan ended the evening with a final benediction. The night was a complete success. Congratulations to all new members of NHS!