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Saint Francis Prep Science Olympiad Competition

By Michael Moravek 13

On Saturday February 2nd, St. Francis Prep students participated in the New York City Regional Science Olympiad Competition at Grover Cleveland High School in Ridgewood, Queens. The event took place from 7:00 AM until 5:30 PM, where Prep competed against different schools throughout the city, including Stuyvesant and The Bronx High School of Science. The "SciOly" is for students who have a genuine love of science and are interested in solving today’s current problems. They work on finding alternate fuel sources and limiting human impact on the environment. The idea behind the Olympiad is to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s scientists and engineers by exposing them to real world challenges and scenarios.

Participants compete in various events, including building categories where teams build different contraptions that serve a specific purpose. One building event is called Mag-Lev, or magnetic levitation. Participants make a fan based vehicle that is suspended in the air due to the resistance created by the magnets in the track. In addition to building categories, there are also numerous test-based categories, where competitors study for a test on a particular topic. The last major category is a lab based event where students perform simple experiments.

At the awards ceremony after the competition, several SFP students won medals for their impressive performance. Juniors Arianna Kahn ’14 and James Pyne ’14 won sixth place in the event "Write it, Do it" in which one team member creates a laboratory experiment and instructs the other team member to perform the experiment as close to the original plan as possible.

Our school owes its impressive record to the dedicated teachers who moderate this activity, including Ms. Spicijaric, chairperson of the science department and Ms. May, who is in charge of all building categories.