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Are You Really In Love?

By Katrina Koyfman '13

Valentine’s week is here, and people all over St. Francis Prep are looking for that special someone to spend it with. Some sent chocolate roses or cards that came with a special song sung by the music department choir members, and some went to special places to spend time with their Valentine outside of school. Is this considered “love”?

Love by definition is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. People nowadays use love to describe the way they feel about things, people, places, ideas, and pretty much anything they like or have feelings for. When young people say they love their friends, is that the kind of love the true definition is implying? When you are in a relationship is it always love that you feel towards that person? Could it be possible that the word love is used too freely in society?

The word love is very complex. It can refer to the strong feeling you have for your family or that special person in your life. Love can also express how you feel, for example, about your friend’s new shoes. Is this a negative thing, that love that isn’t always used as the strong feeling it is meant to imply? Maybe it takes meaning away from the word. When your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you that they love you, could the complexity of the word confuse the true meaning about what they are trying to say?

Around Valentine’s Day it may be suggested to be careful of the use of love, because it may mean something different to me or even possibly to you.