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Issue 1 Volume #71
Section Headlines (click to read article)
By: Prep's Poets
Features No Ordinary Summer: Prep Exchange Students Visit Germany
By: Andrea Roshore '06
Sports Frosh Swimmers Make a Splash
By: Richard Kim '06
Sports The Battle for the Boulevard
By: Caitlin Donovan '06
Arts and Entertainment What’s All the Fuss About?
By: Melissa Alexander '07
Arts and Entertainment Here Comes the Corpse Bride
By: Elizabeth Basedow '07
Features Where I Am Now — The Boy Who Wrote the Book
By: Jorge Vargas '04
News Buying Lunch? Use the New Prep Card
By: Kendra Robinson '06
Sports Curry's Cookin' in the Garden
By: Jonathan Mesadieu '07
Sports Take Me Out the Softball Game
By: Jonathan Mesadieu '07 and Stephanie Mascone '07
Sports Girls Can Spike Too!
By: Jonathan Mesadieu '07
Opinions Only The Educated Are Free - NOT!
By: Kevin Choe '08
Editorial Chicken Pretzels, Power Rangers, and All That Lies In Between
By: Caitlin Donovan '06
News College Night - Planning for Life After High School
By: Maira Nolasco-Carranza '07
Features She Turns the World on With Her Smile
By: Benny Cuppini '06
Features Honoring 25 Years of Dedicated Service
By: Tanyelle Broschart ‘07 and Nicole Palermo ‘07
International Raging Storms Tear Through Bangladesh
By: Eftihia Thomopoulos ‘07
International Reacting to Terrorism at Home and Around the World
By: Timothy Moore '07
Arts and Entertainment Summer Concerts
By: Kristina Kenny, Editor
News Striving to Become Instruments of Peace
By: Andrea Roshore '06 and Elizabeth Basedow '07
Sports Katrina Disrupts New Orleans Sports
By: Jonathan Mesadieu '07
Arts and Entertainment Celebrities Do Their Part for Hurricane Relief
By: Kristina Kenny '06
International The World Responds to Help Katrina Victims
By: Daniella Puitiza '09
Opinions Katrina Criticism: Plenty to Go Around
By: Nicole Palermo '07
International Lions Attack in Ethiopia — OH MY!
By: Jung Hyun Lee '09
International From Rags to Riches: Haitian journalist rises from poverty to become Canada’s Governor General
By: Jonathan Mesadieu '07
News Battle of the Bands...and More.
By: Maira Nolasco-Carranza '07
Other You Know You're a Freshman When…