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Issue December Volume #78
Section Headlines (click to read article)
News Black History Month: Recognizing First Lady Michelle Obama
By: Marsha Varghese 16
News SFP Helps a School in Costa Rica
By: Andrew Stamas 13
News SFP National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2013
By: Amanda Puitiza 14
Features Prep Prom Preview Extravanganza
By: Katrina Koyfman '13
Features Students Rock at the 2013 Talent Show
By: Katrina Koyfman '13
News Prep Hosts Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest 2013
By: Katrina Koyfman '13
Other Campus Ministry: Midnight Run
By: Angel Michelli '14
News Rest In Peace, Brother Vincent Healy, O.S.F.
By: Katrina Koyfman 13
Arts and Entertainment Trend Alert: Guys
By: Starr Bowenbank 13
Arts and Entertainment Leona Lewis: Music Review
By: By: Mark Hannigan 13
Sports Soccer Star Eric Mirkov Goes Pro
By: Emily Grasso 13
News Prep Honors Our Intel Science Talent Search Semi Finalist: Aishvarya Arora
By: Emily Grasso 13
News Franciscan Immersion Experience At Camp Alvernia 2013
By: Cheyenne Coco 13
News Saint Francis Prep Science Olympiad Competition
By: Michael Moravek 13
News Chinese New Year: Celebrating in Style
By: Amanda Puitiza '14
News The Bookless Library: A Revolutionary Idea or Killing History?
By: Fiana Saget '14
Opinions American Controversy: Gun Control
By: Jakov Kendes '14
News The Feast of St. Joseph: A Day of Reverence and Celebration
By: Katrina Koyfman 13
Arts and Entertainment The Oscars: A Winning Night for Argo
By: Mary Millus 15
Sports Prep Basketball on the Rise
By: Neil A. Carousso 13