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Issue February Volume #77
Section Headlines (click to read article)
Sports Terriers Stay Afloat in Division A
By: Angela Callaghan '11
Sports Keeping On Track During A Rough Season
By: Angela Callaghan '11
Arts and Entertainment Video Game Review: Epic Mickey
By: Frank DiRico '12
Arts and Entertainment Music Review: Recovery by Eminem
By: Daniela Carusone ‘13
News Prep MUNC IV
By: Tami Terzian '11
News Prep's Posse Scholars
By: Kerena Thomas '11
News NHS Induction Ceremony
By: Helen Li '12
Features Christmas Concert I
By: Meredith Mills '11
Features Winter Traditions Around the World
By: Amanda Puitiza ‘14
Features Valentine's Day - More Than Just Chocolate And Roses
By: Rebecca Wojsnis '11
Features Are You Really In Love?
By: Katrina Koyfman '13
Arts and Entertainment Prep's Own Rising Star
By: Kelly Terlizzi '11
Arts and Entertainment The Phenomenon That Is Channel 1 1/2
By: Racquel Saddler '11
Arts & Entertainment One Show, 2 Show, Red Show, Blue Show
By: Jane DiBartolo '11
Features New Year's 2011: In The City That Never Sleeps
By: Raymond Collins '13
News On-Site College Admissions at Prep
By: Puja Bhardwaj ‘12
News Accounting Class Visits NYSE
By: Timothy Lazar '11
Features Who We Are
By: Aquilah Jourdain ‘12
News Welcome Ms. Brizicky to St. Francis Prep
By: Rebecca Wojsnis '11
News Poetry Out Loud at Prep
By: Emily Grasso '13
News Book Review: Hero
By: Angel Michelli ‘14
News Alumni Come Home to Prep for the Holidays
By: Tami Terzian '11
News So Much Snow!
By: Victoria Boustani ‘13
News Spanish III Honors Classes See “La Gringa” Play at El Repertorio Español
By: Tami Terzian '11
News Christmas Party for Our Friends With Special Needs: Humans Weren't The Only Helpers
By: Kelly Terlizzi '11 & Frank DiRico '12
Features Door Decorating Contest
By: Shaminy Manoranjithan ‘13
Features Miracle on 34th Street Brought Christmas Glee for all to See!
By: Jane DiBartolo '11
Arts and Entertainment SFP Has Talent!
By: Jane DiBartolo '11
News Alumni Visitation Day 2011
By: Hailey Ann Mickulas ‘12
Arts and Entertainment Book Review: Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness
By: Dinah Mathai ‘13
Arts and Entertainment Book Review: The Hunger Games
By: Rebecca Wojsnis '11
Arts and Entertainment Harry Potter Club
By: Angel Michelli ‘14
Features Freshman Highlights
By: Raymond Collins '13
News A Personal Reflection on the AP Art History Trip to the King Tut Exhibit
By: Lauren Muhlhauser '11
News Survivors of the Bombing in Hiroshima
By: Kerena Thomas '11
News New Items In the SFP Bookstore
By: Katrina Koyfman’ 13
News Welcome Ms. Carol Kennedy to the SFP Bookstore!
By: Tami Terzian '11
Features Prep at Christmastime
By: Tami Terzian '11
Features Christmas Concert II
By: Maureen Mullarkey '11
Sports SFP Bowling Season Summary
By: Kelly Terlizzi '11