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Voluntarios en Chaclacayo

Hogar San Francisco De Asis

Here our students will share reflections on their experience in Peru in realtime. We encourage you check back throughout the week to read about our time with our Peruvian brothers and sisters and see some photos of our journey. 



Before entering the Hogar, I was a little nervous to be surrounded by young children with disabilities. Sure enough, the first kid I saw when we arrived had burns on his face. As we were shown the baby room, I was saddened to see that there were so many babies with full casts on their legs and to hear that some of them had different mental problems. Yet, as I spent more time with them, I got more used to being around them. Really, they were just normal kids: they laughed, they liked to play with each other, they liked to joke around. Seeing a child missing a limb didn't make me feel as uneasy anymore. In a way, I felt I matured a bit. I can't wait to spend more time with them... hopefully some of them will start to speak to me in English soon. 

-Valentina Marzulli 

Analyzing this week, I expected to meet and understand not only Peruvian culture, but the people living day in and day out in this incredible environment. I'd like to better understand South America through Peru. While I can, I'd also like to bestow all of my effort and time as a volunteer toward the betterment of these children's lives. Even if I'm only here for about 10 days, I want to match a smile to a face. By the end of week, I know that the gratification of helping change the life of an individual in another part of the world will be the true peak of my summer. 
- Cesar Santana