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Moderator: Mr. Sempowich


Camp Alvernia Scavenger Hunt


1     If you can’t make up your mind, this might be where you’re sitting.

2     You might reach new heights by switching without the itch.

3     Don’t be sappy! Stay rooted by branching out.

4     It’s not sharp even though there are thousands of blades

5     Somewhere you may be found guilty of making a racket

6     The White House has twice been home to this type of shrub

7        A horse’s movement might open this sort of door

8        Marty

9        A Picture of your WHOLE team in front of the “Camp Alvernia” painted wall.

10   When not rolled up it looks like a snake

       Leave it on too long and you’ll have a lake

11  You’ll see this in the sky during the day

       If it had a new name, it might be Ray

12   It might come in handy if you’ve just run a race

       To the Brits it’s a “bubbler” it shoots water at your face.

13   This arachnid’s home might be found low and high

        You don’t want to get too close if you’re a fly

14    They grow by soaking up the sun’s rays

        Then they’re cut and put in a vase

15    Your team re-enacting a famous scene on an outdoor stage

16    This quote: “ I wish that people would adopt animals that need a home”

17    Team Selfies with St. Francis, St. Anthony, and Our Lady

18    (Actual Items) 3 perfect shells.

19     A video of 5 different members of your team scoring baskets in a row without missing.

20    A video of one member of your team scoring a winning toss in CanJam

21    A Water pump

22    A Boat on Land

23   Sand thats not part of the beach