Medical Office

Mary Pappas R.N.

Phone:  (718) 423-8810 ext. 234
Fax: (718) 423-1098

Seasonal Flu Guidelines for Parents

Each family of Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students receives a mailing containing various forms and instructions.  This mailing contains a green index card (which is not available on this link), plus the Medical and Immunization forms which are also available below if needed. (If needed, additional green index card can be picked up in the SFP medical office). For entrance to SFP every student needs an immunization form due upon acceptance and a complete medical exam due September. Medical forms must be signed, dated, and stamped by a doctor. Please keep copies.
For student athletes: Medical exams need to be dated on or after June 1ST and handed in before tryouts. Please allow ample time for Nurse’s clearance.

Available Forms
Medical Exam Form
Sports Medical Exam Form
Immunization Form

Concussion Form

Below is a link containing Fact Sheets for both athletes and   parents:  and

Important Information Regarding Injury / Illness of Students:

  1. Any student who is injured and will need accomadations at school must get a medical evaluation, and obtain a note from the doctor before returning to school.  This note must be presented to the school nurse upon return to school, before going to any classes.   (This medical note must contain injury, special needs and permission to return to school).
  2. If a student is injured unrelated to school activities, or has been absent due to surgery or chronic illness, must also follow the procedure explained above.
  3. All student surgeries and medical illnesses (including over vacations) must be reported to the nurse upon return to school for proper follow up.
  4. The School Nurse has the sole discretion to deny a student from returning to school/classes if full clearance from a medical doctor is not presented.

All students must arrive to school by 1:15 to in order to be involved in any after school activities- clubs, plays, sports. (exceptions- documented funerals, college visits)


  1. Any student carrying prescribed medication, for example insulin, inhalers, epipens, Benadryl, must complete a SELF-MEDICATION RELEASE FORM for the medical office.
  2. Any student who needs to take prescription medication in school must complete the FORM FOR PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS.