Guidance Department: Academic Counseling


The goal of educational counseling is to give each student every opportunity to succeed academically. Students may initiate these sessions, they may be initiated by the student’s counselor, or they may be referred by a teacher, parents, or other school personnel. Educational counseling may focus on the student’s performance in school, as well as advisement in the course selection process. Students who have multiple academic failures are seen by the counselor in an effort to improve the student’s academic performance.


If you are interested in volunteering as a peer tutor – Please pick up an application form in W-101. If you were a tutor last year, you do not need to get teacher recommendations again. But, if you are a new member, please ask just one teacher from each subject area (you select to tutor) to sign the application, which will indicate that they recommend you to be a tutor.
If you are a student in need of a tutor – Please go to W-101 and see Mrs. Logan or Mrs. Williams. Within a few days, you will be contacted and introduced to a tutor after cor. At that point, a scheduled time and location will be established. Each level has designated “sign” books to keep track of the meetings.
It’s a program that works well when both parties are committed to the scheduled appointment times to meet and use this time efficiently.