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Below are some important things to know.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your child's guidance counselor.
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We look forward to working together in the best interest of your children, and our students.





Below are some of the highlights regarding COLLEGE DECISION MAKING:

* Make a list of the colleges in which you are interested.

* Log onto these college websites to gather some important information: majors offered, programs available, location, cost, a general profile of GPA and SAT scores of admitted students, application deadlines, if SAT II tests are required, etc.

* Most college applications require an essay. Check websites to see if topics are given. If not, a personal statement is accepted by many schools. This can include a personal experience that has been an influence in your life. The summer is a perfect time to begin to write rough drafts so that you have a head start on the process. Seniors: When you return to school in September, you can ask an English teacher to review the essay, or visit the writing center for help(appointments available through the English Department). Do this early, as they will get many requests, and you need to be respectful of their time.

* Visit Colleges. Fall and Spring are good times to attend "open house" at colleges. Most colleges will give tours during the summer, and even speak with students and parents. It will give you some idea of the campus and facilities, traveling time, surrounding environment, etc.

* SAT: JUNIOR STUDENTS TAKE the SAT in the spring. Once you receive those scores we suggest spending time over the summer preparing for the fall SAT. Focus on the area(s) where your performance was weak. SENIOR STUDENTS WILL TAKE THE SAT (again) IN THE FALL.

*SENIORS: It is very strongly suggested that you register on-line for the October or November SAT exam during the summer approaching senior year.