Department Resources: Science


The Biology resource room is available on Tuesdays from 2:50 PM to 3:20 PM in E112 and on Thursdays from 7:50 AM to 8:20 AM in W017.

*All labs must be printed prior to the day of lab read and pre-lab questions answered.

APA Reference Guide

Lab Report Guideline

Lab Report Point Distribution Sheet

Lab Assignment 1 - Lab Safety & Equipment

Lab Assignment 1B - Reaction Times

Lab Assignment 2 - Microscope & Metric Measurements

Lab Assignment 4 - Plant Pigments & Chromatography

Lab Assignment 5 - The Anaerobic Alternative

Lab Assignment 6 - Using Graphing Skills

Lab Assignment 7 - Itty Bitty City

Lab Assignment 8 - Mitosis in Plant & Animal Cells

Lab Assignment 8b - Excel Spreadsheet

Lab Assignment 8c - Meiosis Flip Book

Lab Assignment 10 - Making Karyotypes

Lab Assignment 11 - Investigating Inherited Traits

Lab Assignment 12 - Human Menstrual Cycle

Lab Assignment 13 - Testing For Nutrients

Lab Assignment 15 - ABO-Rh Blood Typing With Synthetic Blood

Lab Assignment 16 - Testing Reflexes and Reactions

Lab Assignment 17 - Learning

Lab Assignment 19 - Heart Rate in Daphnia

Lab Assignment 20 - Classification

Lab Assignment 21 - Frog Dissection

DNA/RNA Synthesis Lab

DNA Extraction Lab (Cheek Cell)

Ecology Lab

Eyeball Lab

Comparing Bird and Reptile Eggs Lab

Blood Typing - Questions and Analysis

Great Regents Review Reference Sheet

DNA Extraction Liver Cell Lab

Gel Electrophoresis Lab

Updated DNA Procedure (1/22/10)


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