Admissions: Transfer Students

Transfer Students

St. Francis Preparatory School accepts transfer students every August at the start of the academic year and in January at the start of our second semester. We accept students from 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. We typically do not accept senior transfers.

To transfer, an applicant must have maintained a minimum grade point average of 80 or higher during his or her previous school year(s).

The number of students accepted is based on the number of spots available once our current students have registered for the new academic year. Students who are accepted will not start school immediately.

Application Steps:

Step 1: Complete application.  Download transfer application. Complete the application. Please see application for deadlines. Link to Transfer Application

Step 2: Required documents. 

The following documents are needed before your application will be processed.

  • A copy of your report cards or transcript. 
    • 12th Grade Transfers: 9th, 10th, 11th grade report cards
    • 11th Grade Transfers: 9th & 10th grade report cards
    • 10th Grade Transfers: 7th, 8th, & 9th grade report cards.
    • 9th Grade Transfers:  6th, 7th and 8th grade report cards
  • Standardized test Scores and Regents Exam Grades
  • Attendance Record
  • Essay of several paragraphs providing information about the following:
    • Autobiographical information
    • Reasons for leaving present school, including problems and accomplishments
    • Specific reasons for wanting to attend St. Francis Preparatory School
    • The goals you hope to achieve if you are accepted.
  • Mid-Year transfers must also include
    • Their grades from the present year
    • Current academic program

No applicant will be processed until application is complete
and all documents have been submitted.

Step 3: Interviews 

Once application is complete and all academic criteria met, all transfer applicants are required to participate in a personal interview with the Director of Admissions. Interviews will last approximately 20 minutes. If you are living out of town, we can schedule an interview via Skype.

Step 4: Buddy Days

If the applicant is found to be a good candidate for admission, following the interview a Buddy Day is scheduled. Buddy Days allows prospective students the opportunity to spend a day on campus so that they can make a well-informed decision about St. Francis Preparatory School. In the course of the day, the student accompanies a student host through a normal schedule and becomes familiar with the campus, the academic programs, and student body. The applicant with be paired with a student in his or her grade level who has similar interests.

Step 5: Registration 

  • At the time of registration, $1350.00 is due. This includes the registration fee of $350.00 the Assurance Fund fee of $500.00, and Tuition Deposit of $500. Payment can be made to St. Francis Preparatory School in the form of a check, money order, or cash. Once payment is made to, St. Francis Preparatory School, the applicant will be processed to be scheduled.
  • To ensure compliance with the NY State health requirements, the student must have completed medical forms before they may start classes.
  • Students must also bring an official transcript to the Director of Admissions.


  • Students will also need to purchase a school uniform at: 
  • Physical Education uniforms can be purchased at the:
    Step 6: Tuition & Fees 
Tuition (2016-2017)


Registration Fee (non-refundable)


Assurance Fund Fee 


Additional fees vary throughout the four the years, including items such as PSAT and graduation.

For more information, please contact St. Francis Preparatory School Admissions at

Please send completed applications to:
St Francis Preparatory School
Office of Admissions
6100 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Link to Transfer Application

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